Do a good job of sun protection , your beauty is only half done, no immediate redness or tanning, does not mean that the skin can escape the sun's catastrophic, only to timely repair and replenish moisture , in order to still have after sunning Good skin quality. However, after sedation, your skin has not been restored to its original state, and now you can prepare for the final step.
Q: Can you exfoliate immediately after sunburn?
A: The skin after sun exposure is very fragile. It will become rough due to a lot of UV damage. Before the skin is swollen and inflamed, don't exfoliate, don't apply whitening skin care products immediately, so as not to cause allergic reactions. Focus on soothing inflammation, replenishing moisture and moisturizing the skin. After about 3 days to 1 week, exfoliation maintenance is performed depending on the degree of skin condition improvement. In addition, when exfoliating, even if it emphasizes a very delicate matte product, the massage method should be very gentle. It can be rinsed in about 3 minutes. Try to avoid irritating the skin as much as possible. Choose a gentle and effective exfoliating ingredient to reduce friction with the face. Time, you can quickly get rid of the skin haze, so that the subsequent maintenance is better absorbed. If you are a acne muscle, in addition to avoiding acne, acne or face, you should temporarily stop using acne medications, because most of them contain acids or exfoliating ingredients, which may worsen your sunburn problem. Oil muscle exfoliating granules are more thorough. For oily skin with thicker stratum corneum, it is not easy to let aging horny flaking, and once the pores are blocked, it is more likely to cause “acne crisis”. The most common scrub or softener is more suitable for thick and rough skin, which makes exfoliation more complete and effective.
Gentle is a sleek small particle. Plant fiber is softer to the touch. Scrub seems to be the most popular exfoliating skin care product. After the replacement, the particles have changed from synthetic raw materials to natural plant or mineral fibers, and the touch is softer.
Moderate use of gentle massage Even a very gentle scrub should not be used too frequently. When using the scrub, care should be taken to avoid the eyes. The hands are gently massaged by a small circle from the inside to the outside, and the nose is changed from the outside to the inside.
Softening, exfoliating and exfoliating softening keratin adsorption and exfoliation Most of these products contain softeners that can be adsorbed on the surface keratinocytes to soften the aged keratin and not touch the fresh keratin. Then remove the aged keratin from the skin during the cleaning process. However, although these products do not have the rough feeling of the scrub, the process of peeling will inevitably pull the skin, and the long time will easily lead to the loss of elasticity of the skin.
Gently rubbing the "dead skin" off the light because of its use, the effect of removing the aging keratin is very obvious, so it is also known as the "de-skin." When using it, cover it with the thickness of the skin and apply it evenly on the face. Avoid it around the eyes. After 15 to 20 minutes, use your fingers to gently rub the dried exfoliating pigment, from inside to outside, from bottom to top. The method of smashing it all off, the aging horny will fall off.

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Candle Gift Box

Candle Gift Box , Paper Candle Box , Candle Box Packaging ,Luxury Candle Box , Candle Packing Box , Custom Logo Candle Box

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