In today's society, with the continuous updating of printers' precision and color processing systems, the quality of printing has become more and more perfect. However, in the daily use process, some unexpected problems will not be encountered, but they will be difficult to solve. Image data consistency.

In general, from the collection of image data to processing modification, the final to the output must be transmitted and received by different devices and software. This will easily lead to the loss and change of data, which will bring us endless difficulties and Difficulties. After continuous exploration and research over the past few years, our company has finally discovered and realized, and has also discovered some tips for handling problems and tips for avoiding problems. Now we share with you:

The first thing to do is to specify a unified standard, ie, whether to use digital cameras or scanners to obtain raw image data, or to receive data from a computer, process retransmission data, or use a uniform transmission standard for the final output of the printer. This is done during transmission and reception. Data loss and changes are avoided. In the course of this exploration we have introduced a colorimeter, a device that can establish a uniform standard for each device during image processing so that the image data is transmitted. Keep it consistent and ensure data consistency.

The second is to purchase the corresponding application software on the basis of the colorimeter, which can better mount the color processing curve and further ensure that the data is transmitted under a uniform standard.

Next, we must say that the printer's consumables issues, under the premise of ensuring the quality of paper coating and ink quality, have a good print output quality, on the one hand, we must consider environmental factors (of course, the precondition is that the print head is in good condition ).

The last thing to talk about is that people always feel that they have problems and they do not pay attention to the components -- the computer monitor. In the case of a bad state of the computer monitor, people always habitually lower the image to a state where they are comfortable looking at the naked eye. This poor display effect fools our eyes. Unconsciously, we have already destroyed the original data of the image, so that the printer cannot restore the expected effect, and often at this time we will attribute the reason to the printer. , That is to say that these years the printer back a lot of complaints and snoring for the display, give us to our loved ones.

Not much to say, the said all have already been said. The expression of the language on this level, I would like to say no more than that, we have any different opinions or suggestions, a lot of advice.

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