This summer, Gucci brought us a heroine who regards this logo as a subversive tradition and seeking excitement. Gucci fully demonstrates the sexy and power that its brand represents. Gucci Guilty Gucci Gui Eau de Toilette is the latest work by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini. In this latest feminine fragrance, she discovers the most representative of challenges and rebelliousness.

Gucci sin loves Eau de Toilette is full of provocative temptation
Gucci Guilty Gucci erotic Eau de Toilette

Gucci Guilty woman who uses Gucci Guilty Gucci sin is the best modern actress. She is young and beautiful, bold and fearful, and she is keen: she is a 21st century beauty who makes everyone fall for it. Strong, positive, and persistent – ​​she is an anti-traditional person who is advancing at full speed – her courage is fascinating. Those behaviors that make some women think of sin will only make her feel a special pleasure, and enjoy the joy of breaking the boundaries. Gucci Guilty women can instinctively understand the thrill of the danger itself.
As the creator of her own destiny, she knows what she is pursuing and how she can achieve her ideals. The men she chose were naturally intoxicated with every minute she was with. And her mavericks can't be overemphasized. Gucci Guilty woman is so bold, fearless, beautiful - she always dares to pursue victory, uncompromising and will continue to do so, always!
Creative director Frida Giannini said: "Our heroine is young and sexy with a hint of danger. She always moves forward and lives meaningfully. She is brave enough to take risks whether she is working or playing. Gucci Guilty woman Will not stand still and wait for opportunities to happen, they will be brave to create opportunities for themselves!"
Fragrance Introduction Gucci Guilty Gucci Guiss Eau de Toilette is a warm and intense oriental floral fragrance. Its core is hedonism.
Its exhilarating top notes stem from the scent of citrus that is full and striking. It is immersed in a stylish transparency and is embellished with bold pink pepper.
The mid-tone seductive floral notes are blended with intoxicating lilacs and geraniums, scented with fruit-rich peaches – a velvety feminine femininity that is full of provocation and temptation.
Patchouli is the classic ingredient of Gucci fragrance. It exudes a strong message, and the sensory pleasure of amber is reminiscent of deep femininity.
Gucci Guilty Gucci Guiss Eau de Toilette instantly captures the gaze of others and gives you the ultimate temptation. Frida Gianninni said: "Our Gucci Guilty Gucci Guilor Eau de Toilette is like the magic of hypnosis, which is irresistible."
Packaging design Gucci Guilty Gucci Gui Eau de Toilette packaging design is committed to becoming a classic design. The soft gold-tone metal and clear glass blend together – the transparent window created by its famous “Double G” logo reveals an elegant amber fragrance with a seductive message – the perfume bottle looks like the latest The Gucci handbag is as eye-catching as it is, and its bright black carton is the best interpretation of elegance.
As people expect from Gucci, Gucci Guilty's bottle design is a perfect combination of high-tech and high-end fashion, which fully reflects the exquisite design process. Gianinni said: "I hope that Gucci Guilty Gucci will love eau de toilette as a contemporary art piece - its beautiful shape will complement its fascinating fragrance."
Gucci Guilty Gucci Guiss Eau de Toilette has a distinctive style and will never be forgotten on the dresser. Its charm and modernity will make it an excellent urban accent.
Gucci Guilty Gucci Gucci Guilty sin Eau de Toilette Gucci Guilty commercials by Frida Giannini personally involved in this love Eau commercials for modern young women with irresistible attraction, it brings together pioneering and creative than ever before The form is presented to the audience.
“I know we need to make something special, whether it's visual, music, or cast, it's unique,” ​​Giannini commented on this commercial, “I am very proud of what we have achieved. ”
The ad was filmed in the Cinecittà studio, where the Italian film legend was filmed, directed by Frank Miller, the black film artist and creator of Sin City. Frank Miller's unparalleled aesthetics of comics will give younger audiences an exciting feeling.
In Giannini and Miller's advertising vision, a beautiful blonde drove a sports car and the city's scenery stretched out beside her. The almost burning wheel suddenly stopped, and she stepped out of the sports car and examined the city's scenery - her hunting ground. The smell in the air that filled the night reminded her of: one night, a man, her choice... perfume.
The star who appeared in the ad was Evan Rachel Wood. As a sweetheart of American movies, she is praised as one of the most talented performers of the same period. Giannini is full of admiration for this actress: "Evan Rachel Wood is a very talented and beautiful actress. I have always appreciated her confidence and ability to control different screen images."
Hollywood star Chris Evans interprets Wood's sinful partner in this film. “Chris shows us a whole new dimension,” Giannini said. “Although he looks like a cute American boy, he can release amazing power in front of the camera.”
The chemical reactions between these actors are obvious. The plot is accompanied by Depeche Mode's song "Strange Love", which is played by the London band Friendly Fires.
Mert & Marcus, the industry's leading fashion photographer, is responsible for the print ads for the perfume – these sexy paintings will undoubtedly be engraved in memory.
Riccardo Ruini, creative director of REM (Ruini e Mariotti), is responsible for the artistic direction of Gucci Guilty Gucci. Since 2007, he has worked with Frida Giannini on several occasions to produce Gucci fashion and perfume advertising videos. His Flora by Gucci perfume advertisement with Gucci won the prestigious Golden Lion International Advertising Award in 2009.
The innovative nature of this commercial blockbuster, as well as its media strategy and high-tech applications focused on young people, best demonstrate its historical breakthrough. Gucci Guilty Gucci erotic eau de toilette is destined to become a fashion.

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