There are many ceramic tile brands on the market. If you want to buy suitable and satisfactory ceramic tiles, it is necessary to understand them. Today we are going to talk about high-quality ceramic tiles. Gaode Tile is a comprehensive high-end new brand launched by Hongyuan Enterprises. Gaode Tile integrates centuries of precision into the production of contemporary ceramic products, builds a comfortable living space with perfect quality, and customizes a class of luxurious and suitable life!

1. High German tile brand positioning

With a high-end image of French origin, creating a luxurious world ceramic brand!

High German ceramic tiles originated from France in 1892. The founder Golde Schwab (Gold. Schwab) was a special supplier of porcelain of the royal family and famous families at that time. In October 2010, his great-grandson Jean Schwab formally cooperated with Hongyuan to launch the double-G high German brand, with the consistent "luxury" as the brand concept, and the profound craftsmanship of the carving family, so that the noble blood of France flows in every piece "Golde" in the product.

Second, the high moral tile brand concept

Innovation, fashion, classic, luxury

The centuries-old inheritance is not all the annotations of Gaode ceramic tiles, the outstanding brand connotation is its advantage. High-grade ceramic tiles, inheriting classics, pioneering and innovative, devoted to art and detail, integrate centuries of precision into the production of contemporary ceramic products, build a comfortable living space with perfect quality, and customize a class of luxurious and comfortable life!

3. Target consumers

Between the ages of 28-45, they have a successful career and have enough strength to improve the quality of life; they have become the backbone of society, mature and stable, experienced the world, have a peaceful attitude, have a profound perception of life and a unique understanding, and pursue quality of life.

4. Product Introduction

1. Product name: Jazz White Jade GF84011

Product specifications: 400x800mm

Product introduction: The white field always has clear and distinct textures, but also individuality, fashion, luxury, or you as successful? Thoughts are always so clear, have it, and experience the tranquility of the white world.

2. Product name: Cappuccino GE63019

Product specifications: 300x600mm

Product introduction: The cream and coffee blend together, exuding a mellow and rich coffee aroma, warm and inviting, and the flower-like white foam on the light brown brick surface embellishes it, adding to the comfort of life.

3. Product name: Roman Holiday GF63007

Product specifications: 300x600mm

Product introduction: Romantic stories can always evoke people's endless imagination. Even if the classic scenery flows through the years, it still lasts forever. When the coordinates of art and life meet here, punctuation naturally becomes a classic.

Editor's summary: The brand positioning of Gaode ceramic tiles and the products of Gaode ceramic tiles are introduced here. For more information, you can follow the information on this website.

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Specifications of ceramic tiles

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8QT Ice bucket

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4.What is the transportation ?

If small quantity, we suggest that sent by Courier, If large amount, by shipping.

5.If goods are damaged in transit, how to do ?

Products are inspected strictly before shipping, if damage, they can be replaced .

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