The hot summer of 38 °C makes many office white-collar workers not want to go anywhere in the office or at home. However, it is always easy to suffer from "sick office syndrome", which is air-conditioning disease. The air conditioner is not blowing and it is very hot. In fact, as long as you enter or leave the air-conditioned room, you will know how to maintain your body, strengthen the body's regulation mechanism, and adjust your body's immunity. It is easy to avoid cold air disease.
External heat and cold, this is not to describe the personality of the person, but the true portrayal of work and life in the summer. The hot summer heat pushes people into the air-conditioned room. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, just like the seasons alternately hot and cold, the body is easy to feel uncomfortable or cause old diseases. If the cable is in the air-conditioned room, the air will blow for a long time, and it will be sick.
6 home coups to fight off cold air disease No matter which constitution, in and out of the air-conditioned room must know how to maintain, enhance the body's regulation mechanism, otherwise the body immunity will be lower with the indoor temperature.
The first move: segmentation shuttle indoors and outdoors to slow down the headache with a hot into the cold air room, rapid contraction of the cerebral blood vessels, easily lead to headaches, more serious even lead to heart disease or stroke. It is recommended to enter the air-conditioned room to adopt the segmentation type: step into the air-conditioned room for 3 to 5 minutes, then immediately go out of the outdoor shade and wait for a few minutes, then step into the room, repeat 2 to 3 times, and the body can adapt to the indoor low temperature. You can stay in the air-conditioned room.
This method of segmenting in and out of the air-conditioned room is especially suitable for people who are over-aged, especially those with high blood pressure and diabetes. It is best to avoid entering and leaving the air-conditioned room. If there is a headache symptom. It can massage around the ears to adjust blood circulation in the brain and relieve headaches.
The most fundamental way to prevent headaches caused by air-blown air conditioning in summer is to exercise more often, enhance blood vessel elasticity, restore capillary pores to normal perspiration, regulate body temperature, and enhance the body's resistance to temperature differences. This is the fundamental way.
The second measure: control the temperature difference and humidity control indoor temperature and humidity is also very important, especially when the child has allergies, it will sweat, fear of heat, often step into the room to the fan or cold air before the air blow, the result immediately sneeze Runny nose. For older people, the sweating situation will be slightly milder. At this time, you should worry about joint problems. When the age is too large, the body's metabolic rate is also slow, the blood circulation is relatively poor, and the joints are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, which is not conducive to the office workers who sit in the cold air chamber.
From a medical point of view, the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is best maintained at 3 to 5 degrees, the indoor humidity is controlled at about 60, and the temperature is between 25 and 26 degrees Celsius, which is most suitable for the human body. When the indoor humidity is too heavy, it is easy to induce allergic symptoms.
The third trick: drink plenty of warm water often work in the air-conditioned room, easy to lose water, causing the nasal cavity and mucous membranes to dry, and even cause bronchitis, need to add more water, but what is the right to drink cold water or hot water?
The answer is to drink normal temperature water (such as mineral water) or warm water (35 to 40 degrees Celsius). Too hot water hurts the esophagus, and people who have had stomach bleeding should avoid drinking hot water directly. When the cold water is too cold, it will stimulate the inner wall of the stomach and vasoconstriction, which will reduce the blood flow of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the secretion of digestive enzymes, affect the ability to digest, and relatively, the nutrient absorption will also slow down. Over time, it is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases.

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