AD ROCKET treadmill how AD ROCKET treadmill manufacturers of Hangzhou Zeno Trade Co., Ltd., the company's main: fitness equipment, ab-abdomen; abdomen machine, abdomen round, supine board and other products, the company is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Gongshu No.18, Lane 66, Sandun Road, Detail Town. This brand of treadmill also began to do treadmill last year, currently only listed a model P1, this treadmill price ¥ 1466.00-1966.00. At present, it has obtained CPPC, GMC, CE certification.

AD ROCKET treadmill configuration is also good, from the Tmall flagship store, this P1 model treadmill with all electric lift 15 gear adjustment, high configuration version of the motor motor imports 4.0HP, run with 460mm, using imported EVA silent soft run Plate, steel frame thicker and thicker, treadmill motor newspaper for six years, life-long maintenance, one-year home maintenance.

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AD ROCKET this brand of treadmill price within 2,000 yuan, at any time a small brand, but the configuration is extremely high, from a cost point of view, very good, shock absorption effect is good, quiet, this is good. The realization of a small number of domestic brands of treadmills, but there are few brands to do a good job, the brand is worth recommending Xin Rui Zhi, this brand is also done in 2014, there is currently only one F22, this with WiFi color screen And blue screen, price 790-1599 yuan.

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Nervous System Model

The nervous system is a system in the body that plays a leading role in the regulation of physiological functions and activities. It is mainly composed of nervous tissues and divided into two major parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system.The central nervous system includes brain and spinal cord again, and the peripheral nervous system includes cranial and spinal nerves.

This model is suitable to medical institutions to explain human anatonv, such as thoracic surgery and internal medicine curriculum as visual aids, can be used for classroom health demonstrations and anatomy teaching aids and can also be used for children's educational toys.

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