The shower is also called a shower head. It is a shower head used for showering. It was originally a device for watering flowers. Later, it was converted into a bathroom shower device by designers. Classification. The shower can give people a very comfortable experience, so it has become the object of many consumers to buy, and more and more families are beginning to see the important role of the shower, which has become the first choice of consumer bathroom products, but on the market There are many types of showers, and there are many brands. In the face of a dazzling array of products, what brand of showers will many users have? How to choose showers and other questions, in fact, the selection of showers should be comprehensively investigated from multiple angles, so that you can choose your own satisfactory products. Today, let's take a look at the classification of showers, what brand of showers is good , and how to choose showers !

Shower classification

Showers can be divided into three categories: hand-held, overhead, and side spray. The hand shower is more flexible, the overhead shower is more fixed, and the side shower is hidden in the wall. According to the way of water, it can be divided into five types of showers: general type, massage type, soft type, turbo type and strong beam type. According to the installation height, it can be divided into two types: concealed shower head and exposed shower head. When purchasing, it is mainly based on personal habits.

What brand of shower is good

Shower brand 1. Kohler (founded in 1873, a large multinational company, one of the oldest and largest family businesses in the United States, a century-old history, Kohler (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

Shower brand 2. Jiumu Jomoo (China's well-known trademark, once won China's famous brand, large bathroom brand enterprise, high-tech enterprise, Fujian famous brand, Fujian famous brand,)

Shower brand 3. Moen Moen (founded in the United States in 1937, one of the world's famous high-end faucets, one of the professional manufacturing companies for kitchen sinks, sanitary ware, hardware accessories, etc., Moen (China) Co., Ltd.)

Shower brand 4. Gauss Coso (German faucet brand, shower top ten brands, famous brands, professional sanitary ware manufacturers, Foshan Huiying Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

Shower brand 5. Sean CAE (founded in 1989, top ten brands of showers, famous brand products in Guangdong Province, one of the largest sanitary ware production plants in China, Guangdong Sean Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Shower brand 6. Hansgrohe (started in 1901 in Germany, a century-old history, multinational companies, world famous brands, showerhead ten brands, Hansgrohe Sanitary Ware (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

Shower brand 7. GROHE Grohe (since 1936, Germany, the world's top manufacturer of bathroom products, the world's leading brand of German bathroom faucets, GROHE (Shanghai) Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.)

Shower brand 8. Kang Liyuan KLY (a high-tech modern enterprise integrating R & D, design, production of faucets, hardware, and overall sanitary wares, Heshan Kang Liyuan Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Shower Brand 9. Huayi Huayi (Famous Brand Product in Guangdong Province, Famous Trademark in Guangdong Province, High-tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province, Top 100 Enterprises in China Kitchen and Bathroom Industry, Guangdong Huayi Sanitary Ware Industrial Co., Ltd.)

Shower brand 10 Shen Luda (Chinese well-known trademark, once won the Chinese famous brand, national high-tech enterprise, China's 500 most valuable brands, shower top ten brands, Shen Luda Co., Ltd.)

How to choose a shower

1. Look at the surface coating

It is best to use 150 ° chrome plating on the surface of the shower. It can not blister or wrinkle when kept at high temperature for 1 hour. Even if it is monitored by 24 hours of acetate spray, it will not corrode. Therefore, you can look at the gloss and smoothness when selecting, and the bright and smooth shower shows that the quality is better.

2. See the water way

Because the internal design of the shower is different, you should pay attention to the way of water when choosing the shower. The water outlet method of the shower can be selected according to the needs of the self and the way you like. The natural and comfortable rain shower, the energetic massage, the comfortable and warm spray, the soft and gentle water column, and the water-saving state Drip.

3. See the spray effect

The appearance of the shower seems to be the same, so be sure to look at the spray effect when selecting. A good shower can ensure that each small spray hole is sprayed evenly, so you can test the water when selecting to see if the spray water flow is even.

4. See accessories

The accessories of the shower will directly affect the comfort of use. When purchasing, you can check whether the water pipe and the lifting rod are flexible, whether the shower connection is provided with anti-twisting ball bearings, and whether the rotating rod is installed on the lifting rod.

5. Look at the spool

The service life of the shower head will be directly affected by the spool. A good shower head uses a ceramic spool, which is smooth and frictionless. When selecting, you can manually twist the switch. The feel is comfortable. The smooth one means that the shower head can be guaranteed. Keep it smooth and reliable during use.

Editor's summary: The above is the good brand of showers that I have compiled for you today, and the relevant knowledge of how to choose showers. I believe that everyone will have a certain understanding of showers after reading it. Everyone must remember that when buying a shower, they must understand it. They cannot follow the introduction of the shopping guide blindly, and they must buy products that are suitable for them.

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