Virtual oscilloscopes have become increasingly popular due to their unique advantages such as waveform triggering, storage, display, measurement, and waveform data analysis and processing. Due to the large performance difference between the virtual oscilloscope and the analog oscilloscope, if used improperly, a large measurement error will occur, which will affect the test task.

Differentiate analog bandwidth and digital real-time bandwidth

Bandwidth is one of the most important indicators of an oscilloscope. The bandwidth of an analog oscilloscope is a fixed value, while the bandwidth of a virtual oscilloscope has both analog bandwidth and digital real-time bandwidth. The maximum bandwidth that a virtual oscilloscope can achieve with sequential sampling or random sampling techniques for repetitive signals is the digital real-time bandwidth of the oscilloscope. The digital real-time bandwidth is related to the highest digitized frequency and waveform reconstruction factor K (digital real-time bandwidth = highest digitization rate / K) It is generally not given directly as an indicator. As can be seen from the definition of the two bandwidths, the analog bandwidth is only suitable for the measurement of repeated periodic signals, while the digital real-time bandwidth is suitable for the measurement of repeated signals and single signals. The manufacturer claims that the bandwidth of the oscilloscope can reach megabytes. In fact, it refers to the analog bandwidth, and the digital real-time bandwidth is lower than this value. For example, TEK's TES520B has a bandwidth of 500MHz, which means that its analog bandwidth is 500MHz, and the highest digital real-time bandwidth can only reach 400MHz, which is much lower than the analog bandwidth. Therefore, when measuring a single signal, be sure to refer to the digital real-time bandwidth of the virtual oscilloscope, otherwise it will bring unexpected errors to the measurement.

Medical Nursing Training Model

This model is developed for nurse training, is widely used in first aid and emergency rescue as well as the regular nurse training. This model is made according to the normal position and activities of the human body as much as possible. Each model is equipped with male and female genitalia, can exchange to use. Model of the arms, thigh and buttock have injection pads available training. This model is equipped with internal organs, not only for basic nursing, medical care available to use also. Made of PVC.

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