The thickness of the ink layer of the offset printing process is also thinner than that of the embossing. The brightness of the imprinted ink layer and the peace and other printing methods may be significantly different. In particular, packaging and decorating printed matter mainly consisting of “on the ground” printing requires bright and thick ink, which poses certain difficulties for offset printing. To solve this problem, appropriate measures must be taken to improve the printing process. The following should be noted: aspect:

1. The ideal pressure is the primary condition for improving the brightness of imprinted ink layers. The lack of pressure will make the imprinting empty, the floating ink that is transferred to the surface of the substrate exposed, and the plates will be piled and piled up. Therefore, the pressure should be lightened. "Field" printing can increase the thickness of the lining.

2. The layout can not use large amount of water, due to the large water caused by the ink transfer difficulties, imprinting void, the ink is not uniform (before and after the interruption of printing), the color is not fresh (emulsion value increases and dilute the ink), if the "real" area is large or There are many color blocks, and the PH value of the medicine can be properly reduced to ensure that the smallest amount of water is used without getting dirty, and that the amount of ink under the ink fountain is not reduced.

3. When possible, use the multi-ink printing method to use a pale ink with a background color, dark ink with a face color, and to properly grasp the interval between stacking inks to obtain a good ink stacking effect.

4. Ink color "field" can be diluted with a transparent diluting agent to increase its brightness, high-grade prints can also be used to dilute the bright paste, non-product special requirements, as little as possible with white ink as a dilute agent to print.

5. Diluted ink should be selected coloring force is not strong, low concentration of ink to meet the needs of the ink color saturation of the imprint, because the strong coloring ink is used as a diluted color "field" with ink, will layout ink The layer is too thin to create a "flower pattern" and reduce the light height.

6. Appropriately adding dry oil can increase the brightness of the "field" color blocks. For urgent items, dry white oil and dry oil are added, and red dry oil is added (usually in red and black inks, medium blue and dark blue. Can also add and release), can increase the "real" light brightness, if there is no overprint, can only add red dry oil, brightness is stronger.

7. The printing surface is coated with light oil or laminating film, which can enhance the brightness, but the cost is higher.

Source: Longjiang Printing Network

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