The hot summer makes MM people have a headache. The summer is the easiest to use for makeup, and it can make a strong makeup concealer. It often feels like a mask is so breathless. Learn to make light makeup at this time. Important, today Xiaobian teaches you how to make a light makeup with a silky silky feeling, let's take a look.

Milky silky makeup

Milky silky makeup

Let's take a look at the contrast before makeup. The eyes before makeup look a little more godless. The big black eye bags are the main culprit in this problem. Although the skin color is still white, there is a problem of uneven skin color. A feeling of exhaustion, no brilliance of youth. After the makeup, not only the color has become much better, but the facial features are also more three-dimensional and exquisite, and the makeup is very layered and affinity.

Step1: Choose a lighter liquid foundation as the base makeup, because the model MM skin itself is better, so you don't need to conceal any more, just blend the skin tone to give a delicate makeup. First, place the liquid foundation on the T-position and cheeks on the face, then use a cosmetic sponge to push it open. In the T area where it is easy to remove makeup, you can gently press a few times to make the makeup more docile. On both sides of the nose, the delicate parts of the eye can be fully retouched using the angular corners of the sponge.

Step2: Use a sharpened eyebrow pencil to outline a clear eyebrow. Start slowly from the position of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, then emphasize it appropriately at the end of the eyebrow. The brow is the lightest position in the eyebrow. So, just need to gently smudge it, otherwise it is easy to destroy the sense of balance of the facial features, it seems that the eyebrows are too close.

Step3: Use white pearlescent eyeshadow to evenly spread on the upper eyelids to brighten the skin tone of the eyes. The range can be extended to the underside of the brow bone to create a three-dimensional effect. Do not use too much at a time. If you feel that the hue is light or uneven, you can use the superimposed method to complement the color.

Step4: Then use a white eyeliner to draw the eyeliner against the root of the eyelashes. Pay attention to the lower eyeliner. This white eyeliner can extend the boundaries of the eye and make the eyes look big and bright.

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