In printing production, we often encounter the phenomenon that UV ink is not completely cured and the surface is sticky. How is this phenomenon caused? How to solve this phenomenon so as to ensure printing, the editor simply supports a few tricks.

Lamp aging

The flexographic UV ink absorbs ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 200-400nm, and the general power needs to be greater than 150W / cm to completely cure. The average service life of the medium-pressure mercury lamp currently used is 1000-1500 hours. The inner wall of the lamp tube is deposited, and the transparency and the transmittance of ultraviolet light are gradually weakened. Therefore, the lamp tube should be regularly tested and replaced in time.

Light source power is not enough

The fast printing speed is also the cause of incomplete UV ink curing and sticky surface. At this time, the printing speed can be reduced or the power of the light source can be increased.

UV ink itself cures slowly

Can add light curing accelerator, reduce printing speed or find an ink supplier to solve.

Some manufacturers use ethanol to dilute the UV ink, and excessive ethanol will affect the degree of light curing, resulting in incomplete light curing and sticky surface. Therefore, the use of ethanol for dilution should be avoided as much as possible. If it is necessary to reduce the viscosity of the ink, use UV ink thinner.

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