Disc granulator is a production part of compound fertilizer equipment production line. Its function and function have been explained in detail in the previous news center. Machinery and equipment are all subject to failure. Failures can affect their use characteristics. The host is a very important part of it. If there is an unstable host current in the running process, how do you solve it?

Before solving the problem, first of all, to understand the cause of the instability of the disk granulator's main current, so that you can prescribe the right medicine. The main reason for this is the uneven feeding of the main unit of the equipment and the poor damage of the shaft of the main power or damage. The failure of the heating coils of some granulators also causes the screw adjustment pad to be incorrect. Operation is the cause.

The solution is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment. Check the feeder of the equipment, after effective troubleshooting, main motor, bearings, etc., check whether the heaters of different parts can normally operate normally, and ensure that all parts can operate normally. Of course, if the host current is not stable due to other reasons, it is necessary to promptly find out the cause when this happens, and eliminate it to ensure the long-term operation of the device.

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