People's lives are getting better and better, and economic conditions are gradually improving. But we all face a very serious problem, that is, drinking water is healthy. Our country has developed, but the water quality has dropped. As the saying goes, water is the fountain of life, but now it is necessary to change into the "source of all diseases." The health of drinking water is fundamental to the country and cannot be ignored. The previous "dead pig" incident in Jiaxing made the residents on both sides of the Huangpu River frightened and rushed to buy household water purifiers. This once led to the shortage of water purifiers in the region, and even lasted for a long time. The headlines, which have been so compelling for the first time in the development of the domestic water purifier industry for more than two decades. 2016 has arrived, and the water purifier industry will continue to be as brilliant as 2015, or it will die in the middle. Below, let's talk about the direction in which the domestic water purifier market in 2016 will develop.

Break the traditional model

Nowadays, the water purifier industry has developed to a certain stage. The market competition has become the main battleground for all the water purification brands, and the more advanced marketing mode has become a powerful weapon for the water purifier brand to occupy the market. Which brand can launch a new marketing model, you can get the initiative to compete in the market. In the future, the water purifier industry will gradually cultivate a large number of professional marketing and marketing planning teams, which brand can give the first to attract these professional teams, and lay a solid talent reserve for future development. It turns out that at this stage of the water purifier industry, if the water purifier brand has a professional marketing team and planning team, it will have a clear initiative in the competition.

2. Higher service requirements

Service is the foundation for a brand to develop in the long run. Quality service must be reflected in the brand culture. Whether it is pre-sale, sale or after-sales service, customers must experience the most intimate service, so that they can establish a brand. Word of mouth. Throughout China and foreign countries, no matter which industry or brand, which can be spread around the world, its services must be extraordinary. The water purifier industry itself has higher requirements for service quality, because after the water purifier products are sold, they must be installed, regularly cleaned, replaced with filter cartridges, etc., and the quality of service will determine the clean water when people use the products. Experience, this is a clearer understanding of the importance of service for water purifier companies.

3. The number of brands is reduced

At present, the number of domestic water purifier brands has reached 4,500. With the imported brands represented by Wisdom, the cross-industry brands represented by Midea and Gree and some domestic brands have now stood up. However, it cannot be denied that the three camps have firmly grasped the absolute advantage of the Chinese water purifier market and occupied an absolute advantage in terms of market share. This will inevitably lead to the entry threshold and competition conditions of the entire water purifier industry. Increasingly, the industry's threshold will increase, and some manufacturers that cannot keep up with the pace will face the fate of being eliminated.

4. The product is more user-friendly

As people's awareness of products continues to increase, their requirements will become higher and higher. Products must not only meet the needs of use, but also require products to be more user-friendly. For example, the operation should be simple, the shape should be fashionable, and so on. In short, every demand of consumers will require water purifier enterprises to meet from the perspective of humanization, otherwise consumers will choose brands that meet their own requirements.

How to change the future development of the water purifier industry, there are many factors to consider, although we can not accurately predict, but it is worthy of our attention, because health is too important for everyone.

5. The competition is more intense

As the competition in the water purifier industry intensifies, the number of water purifier manufacturers will continue to decrease, but this will not only reduce the competitiveness of the water purifier industry, but will continue to increase. There are mainly the following reasons:

1 Enterprises or brands that can survive in the melee will have certain strength. If there is strength, no one will easily give up a good ranking to attract consumers' attention and improve their brand influence.

2 This is an inevitable choice for the development of the industry. Only by continuously increasing internal competition can we continue to complete the general law of the development of the survival of the fittest. Therefore, the competition for the future water purifier ranking will not only weaken, but will become more intense.

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