Bell Decoration Recommendation 1: Ultra Silent Iron Clock

Reference price: 92.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The surface of the clock shell is old-fashioned and shows a nostalgic bronze color. The clock base is made of iron of the same color and coiled into a beautiful pattern. The clock face also has a mottled effect.

Bell ornaments recommendation 2: rose flower clock face iron clock

Reference price: 175.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The simple retro round wall clock, the clock face is decorated with three or two pink rose flowers, which is full of idyllic flavor.

Bell ornament recommendation 3: hand-painted peacock art wall clock

Reference price: 175.00 yuan / piece

Editing comments: This art wall clock with peacock open screen shape, colorful colors show exotic ethnic customs, hand-drawn feathers, with realistic and delicate effect, smart beauty, lifelike.

Bell ornaments recommended four: European wrought iron wall clock ZT018

Reference price: 175.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The golden round watch case reveals a royal luxury atmosphere. The decoration of the wrought iron plate flower is exquisite and beautiful. The clock face is black, and the iron gray hands are clicking and walking like the footsteps of time.

Bell ornaments recommended five: colorful butterflies flying European-style mute wall clock

Reference price: 199.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The round wall clock, surrounded by a circle of dancing butterflies, suddenly becomes vivid and colorful.

Recommended Clocks Six: Sun Wall Clock and Star Wall Clock

Reference price: 299.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: A mute clock with a very special shape, as if the sun emits light, warm and comfortable, the decoration between gold and bronze wraps the small clock face, dazzling and dazzling to look directly at.

Bell Decoration Recommendation 7: Ocean Fish Wrought Iron Wall Clock

Reference price: 399.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: This decorative wall clock in the shape of an ocean of fish is really creative. A group of fish swims through, a series of bubbles floats in the water, the water and grass dances enchantingly, and the fish is exquisite, which is the most suitable for Mediterranean-style home decoration.

Bell Decoration Recommendation 8: Olive Lianzhizhi Wedding Celebration Clock

Reference price: 188.00 yuan / piece

Editor's comment: The olive branch represents peace and love. An olive branch cast out of wrought iron, coiled around a disc wall clock, is heartening and serene.

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