Home pollution is no longer a new topic, but as environmental problems such as nuclear radiation in Japan intensify, people are paying more and more attention to pollution and their own safety. However, in home improvement, many of the commonalities may have fatal threats. Here are four of them.

Misunderstanding 1: Environmentally friendly materials do not equal environmental protection

The so-called "green plates" and "environmental materials" are only low in formaldehyde, and it is impossible to completely eliminate pollution. The state has introduced indoor air quality standards: the formaldehyde content in the living room air should be less than 0.1 mg/m3. If it is a green environmental protection board that meets the standards, the formaldehyde emission should be 17.86 mg/day, if 10 sheets are used for decoration. Add up? The formaldehyde content is at least 7 times higher than the standard! This is the "accumulated over standard", to attract attention.

Myth 2: The newly renovated house can be ventilated for a period of time before it can live.

Many people know that ventilation can help release formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances, but it can only blow away the free and adhering formaldehyde on the surface, because formaldehyde is divided into three states, namely, free state, adsorption state, and combined state. The formaldehyde contained in the bonded state of the artificial board and the adhesive cannot be ventilated by ventilation. Moreover, its incubation period is 3-15 years. A door and window will also be released, and it must be chemically integrated by the drug to volatilize, which is safe.

Misunderstanding 3: It is normal for a new home to have an odor

Many pieces of furniture are made of artificial boards, and formaldehyde is contained in the man-made board adhesive. The odor is the release of toxic gases from the furniture, which can not be volatilized by the strong formaldehyde. The inside of the furniture is placed with activated carbon, which can adsorb the released formaldehyde and cannot completely decompose the pollutants. At the same time, the adsorbed material will be saturated after a certain period of time, and the material needs to be renewed. Try not to put underwear, children's clothing, blankets and winter clothes on the closet to avoid excessive formaldehyde in the clothes.

Misunderstanding 4: Air purifier spray can be used

Many people think that buying air purifiers or drugs other than formaldehyde can be sprayed on their own, and they can not be adsorbed and decomposed. It is only temporarily unavailable. It is a kind of fragrant gas that masks harmful gases, which is more likely to be alarmed. However, the source of pollution is still being released continuously. The key is to cut off the source of pollution. It is impossible to remove formaldehyde by a single spray; it should be tested by instrument and then comprehensively controlled according to the inspection report, which is the most effective.

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