The company's personal care product travel suite, Suki To Go Executive Travel Kit, replaces commonly used plastic packaging with a wooden box. The wooden box is made of decorative wood and measures 10x2.5 inches. The cylindrical box has a wooden tail cap on the body. In order to ensure the quality of the packaging, the company also used a glue reinforcement. In addition, the wooden box is particularly novel is similar to the envelope opening of the bag mouth design. It makes perfect use of the remaining board cuts, and then combines it with the package through a living hinge set on the box of thin wooden boxes. Consumers can pick up the items by uncovering them. At the same time, the seal also uses a non-adhesive under the folding rope type, so that the loaded items are not easy to slide off. Most of today's portable toiletries are small hoses and clear plastic bags. But organic skincare maker SukiInc broke this traditional packaging pattern with its latest travel kit.

In the packaging of personal care products, wood materials have been rarely used. This Suki To Go package, designed and produced by Creative Packaging Solutions, was the first mass-produced wood package to take home the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club's annual packaging award. “I have never seen any wood packaging that can do this. Suki's wooden box is truly amazing. It is worthy of the award.” former executive director of NJPEC and chairman of the current award program Peter Gould said.

However, its unique shape is not the only factor that Suki To Go stands out from. Chairman of Creative Packaging and chief designer of Suki Travel Suite, Coni Lefferts, said: “Suki hopes that packaging materials are environmentally friendly and reliable, so as to better fit the company's brand image and philosophy.” From the perspective of wooden box packaging, on the one hand, its raw materials are in line with The concept of sustainable development, on the one hand, is designed as a reusable packaging. Therefore, from the perspective of the life cycle, it is also characterized by sustainable development.

But all this is not just about sustainable development. Suki's packaging is made from natural materials and looks high-end and superior. This also impressed the NJPEC judges. Gould said: "I think it's unfair to call it a 'wooden box'." The judges gave the package a high rating and called it an "elegant handicraft."

Lefferts explained that from the beginning of the design, she turned a blind eye to those "obvious choices" and expressed her refusal. For example, a transparent vinyl bag, although it is very suitable for airport security, but she looked on from the outside looked a bit difficult to read. For another example, a metal box, from an aesthetic point of view, perhaps it can barely pass, but the metal box may cause travelers to experience some trouble in the security screening. In addition, the cold feel is far better than wood.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, the functionality of the Suki kit wooden bag is not to be underestimated. For example, it passed a drop test while simulating shipping. You can take it safely through airport security. Ladies will also like its comfortable feel. In addition, as time changes, consumers can also put different product portfolios in line with their own needs.

However, it is no easy task for wood packaging to show its advantages including environmental protection, appearance, and functionality. Creative Packaging needs to solve many design problems and production details, and overcome numerous levels to achieve an ideal state. Lefferts must first find the wood of pure color. It must have no scars and it is better not to have any stripes. At the same time, careful selection of the appropriate thickness is also critical. If it is too thin, the package will not have sufficient load-bearing capacity; if it is too thick, the envelope-type seal design cannot be established. In the end, the company discovered that the most suitable material was an unknown wood about 0.45 mm thick.

After the wood is settled, Lefferts will face an unprecedented challenge - how to set the cushion inside the wooden box? Lefferts recalled: "In the beginning, I imagined to make a binary vacuum chamber inside the box." She even made a molded carrier prototype that could fit inside the box. However, she found in her work that the shape of the jars and the processing characteristics of biomolecules made the molding work very slow. "No way, it doesn't work at all." She also denied the previous practice. In addition, if you actually use a molding cushion, the box is bound to be difficult to meet the adjustment of different product combinations. Lefferts said: "We do not know what products will be placed in the box, so we need to ensure that the box can meet the different combinations of hoses, glass bottles, and even soap bars. After repeated considerations, we finally decided to use organic cotton embroidery. The towel acts as a cushion to protect the product inside the box. This cushion not only adds value to the travel kit, but also can be used as a towel.”

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