European-style furniture, the atmosphere is beautiful. Whether it is a sofa, a bed, a wine cabinet or a dining table, European furniture is characterized by “large size”. European-style furniture is on the market, and the price is not cheap. Therefore, if you want to sell European furniture that you are comfortable with, you can't just pay attention to the appearance, but also look at three aspects: workmanship, quality and materials. Below the Xianghe Jiali Yadi European furniture (http://) will give you a detailed introduction to the skills of purchasing European furniture.

It is the key to purchase three kinds of European furniture.

First, look at the material, different materials for different people

European furniture is mainly divided into solid wood, leather art, fabric, board and wood. Solid wood furniture is generally more environmentally friendly and more luxurious, but solid wood furniture is relatively expensive; leather art European furniture is in The shape is simpler, each has its own charm, each with its own characteristics.

Second, look at work, different workmanship reflects different tastes

The workmanship is mainly divided into handcraft and machinery. The hand-carved pattern is of course more vivid and more aura than the mechanically engraved pattern. Of course, it also has a higher value. The craftsmanship has been tempered and passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, not only is the value high, but its cultural charm is also strong.

European style furniture is mainly divided into European-style garden furniture and European-style classical furniture. European-style garden furniture pursues returning to nature. The color is mainly white, supplemented by patterns or articles, and the local gas is vividly painted. The European classical furniture is more to continue the aristocratic atmosphere of the European royal court, the color is strong, the style is high-end style, noble and elegant. Therefore, when choosing European furniture, we must consider the decoration style of the living room and buy the European furniture with it.

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