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These heavy duty Hotel-style Wooden Hangers are perfect for use at the office, but are also handy for keeping your hangers where you want them in your home coat closet! These super-duty hangers have a [nail style" hook made of solid steel. The wood body is crafted to never break and there are multiple layers of satin lacquer finish to make these Wooden Hangers last a lifetime. The ingenious design of this natural satin finish wooden anti-theft hanger makes it a smart choice for hotels and businesses looking to meet the needs of their clientele without worrying about hanger theft.  It has slanted arms designed to be gentle on coat and suit shoulders.  Notice the notches, perfect for hanging straps and security loops.  The lustrous chrome nail-style hook, hard satin lacquer, and sturdy wooden pants bar are all top quality, designed to last a lifetime.  The flat body design helps you to save space without sacrificing quality, style or strength.  Your clients will be impressed with the beauty and versatility of our Wooden Hotel Hangers

Wooden Hotel Hangers

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