In 2014, “ health” has become the headline of people's most attention, so going to the gym is becoming more and more popular among white-collar workers. It has become the first choice for white-collar workers to exercise, and fitness has become a popular new fashion vane. But most white-collar workers have an annoyance, that is, they don't have time to go to the gym for exercise. They waste a lot of time on the way to work, and let the gym become a luxury. Today, the fitness network 114 Xiaobian will give white-collar workers to work in the office. I found a way to exercise in front of the computer, and at the same time work to achieve fitness results!

1. Slowly nod your head forward:

     Try to keep your jaw close to your chest, feel your back muscles stretch as far as possible, and then slowly raise your head until the muscles in your throat are tight. This set of actions is repeated 5 times.

2. Rotate the head to the right gently and forcefully

Keep your shoulders still. Look at a target behind you and keep turning back after 5 seconds. Turn left again for 5 seconds. This set of actions is repeated 5 times. (Note: Do not turn too fast to prevent damage to the neck muscles or dizziness).

3, arm soothing exercise

Press the two hands on the shoulders, slowly move the elbows up and down, and rotate the arms around the shoulder joints. Each group will do 20 times and make 3 sets in a row. This will prevent the arm from numbness caused by overwork.

4, abdomen exercise

Separate the knees and wait for the shoulder width. The back is straight and sit on the chair. The abdominal muscles are contracted and the shoulders are bent to the waist. At this time, the back has a circular arc shape. Pay attention to inhaling when the abdominal muscles are tightened and exhale when relaxing. This set consists of 3 groups of 5 times each.

5, leg relaxation exercise

Rest your back comfortably on the office chair, slowly straighten your knees and lift your calves. You will feel the muscles on both sides of the thighs are hard to apply. For 15i times, you will feel very relaxed. This set of actions can be done alternately with two legs.

6, the ballet practice of the foot

Put your legs together, sit well, don't leave your feet off the ground, try to lift your heels, just like balleting, so that your feet move up and down elastically. There is no limit to the number of times you can do this, as long as you feel comfortable. This exercise helps to speed up blood circulation in the feet and relieve tension in the calf muscles.


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