Not long ago, Konica Minolta announced the launch of the new full-color multifunction digital copier bizhubC300. The model has an output speed of 30 pages per minute and features A3 format color copying, network printing, network scanning, and fax (optional). High-quality, high-speed document output maximizes office productivity, and powerful networking capabilities make the bizhub C300 the ideal hub for color business document processing and a perfect replacement for black and white copiers. Konica Minolta now has four bizhub C250/C300/C352/C450 color multifunction machines with color output ranging from 25 to 35 per minute in the office space. The extensive product line can fully meet the color office requirements of different customers. demand.

Help color business

The bizhub C300 uses Konica Minolta's unique Simitri's new polymerized toner technology, which helps to reproduce images that are perfect and realistic. Built-in new ASIC image processor ensures outstanding text generation and more harmonious graphics and image integration. During the scanning or copying process, the recognition rate of the text and the halftone dot or the color background is greatly enhanced, so that the output document is clear and texture, and more faithful to the original. Even with maps with tiny text on a colored background, the bizhub C300 is equally comfortable. At the same time, the model's optional Fiery print controller can also help users perform color management to further enhance the overall expression of color.

Efficient paperless office

The bizhub C300 comes standard with a high-speed network scanning function, capable of scanning color originals and black-and-white originals at speeds of 50 pages per minute and 65 pages per minute at 300 dpi, and processing postcard-size paper and thin and thick paper (35g). /m2-210g/m2). The bizhub C300 converts a large number of paper documents into electronic documents by scanning, and then converts them into high-quality compressed PDF (CPDF), standard PDF, TIFF, and JPPG files. The files scanned in the CPDF compression format are only 1/7 of the original size, which is more convenient for transmission and sharing in the network. In addition, the bizhub C300 also supports PC Fax and Super G3 fax functions. The use of the scanning and faxing functions for paperless office not only saves the company a significant amount of office costs, but also facilitates the archiving and management of documents and helps improve office productivity and network security management.

As a provider of total document solutions, Konica Minolta helps users minimize data risks. Users can set the security lock password for important documents to ensure that the documents can only be read and received by related personnel; when printing or copying documents, bizhub C300 can also provide an option to covertly secure watermarks. If an unauthorized person copies the documents again, the resulting documents There will be a clear secure watermark on it. When the document is copied on other branded devices, the secure watermark function is effective at the same time, which will play a very important role in preventing the leakage of confidential corporate documents. In addition, the bizhub C300's hard disk is also equipped with an automatic data clearing function, which can instantly clear the job data on the hard disk when copying, printing, scanning, and faxing tasks are performed, which greatly improves the confidentiality of the document. This function has also been awarded five star awards by BLI "buyers' laboratories", the world's leading authoritative office equipment evaluation organization.

Use cost control

The bizhub C300 has a department management function that allows you to set up to 1000 departments for the use of functions and the number of output sheets. In addition, the use of copy, print, fax, and scan functions for each department can be monitored. At the same time, the bizhub C300's built-in utility, Page Scope Web Connection, allows the user to make detailed settings on the device and view its operating status through a web browser. Through the network, settings such as scanning data receivers can be performed for each device. All operations are done through a browser and no additional software is required.

In addition to outstanding performance in overall performance, the bizhub C300 is also guided by Konica Minolta's universal design guidelines for product design. Not only is it equipped with a clear and easy-to-read LCD control panel that can be adjusted in three different angles, the new built-in paper discharge processor makes it compact and easy to place in a small space, while the front-end access structure makes it easier to replace toner. Paper and paper; due to the use of toner recycling and recyclable material design, bizhub C300 meets the US ENERGY STAR usage standard, which brings about a human-friendly and environmentally-friendly office environment while effectively saving costs. The launch of Konica Minolta bizhub C300 will provide users with more perfect color document management solutions, and will also provide more impetus for the full-speed development of business users.

Reprinted from: China Packaging News

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