Recently, a message "Vietnam banned timber exports, and mahogany furniture prices have recently skyrocketed" was rumored in the WeChat circle of friends. Recently, the reporter saw the price of mahogany furniture from Fujian Xianyou still stable at the 7th China Arts and Crafts, Tourism Commodities and Home Furnishings Expo (referred to as the “Technology Expo”).

Experts reminded that the news of the price increase of mahogany furniture on WeChat is not reliable. Buy mahogany furniture should not be too superstitious material, but also have a sense of quality, pay attention to furniture modeling.

Yang Bo, chairman of the Traditional Furniture Committee of the China Furniture Association, reminded that when buying mahogany furniture, it is necessary to have a sense of quality, pay attention to the five elements of furniture modeling: creation, knotting, patterning, carving and grinding. The selection of mahogany must recognize the brand, try to find a big brand; and choose to work fine, clear texture, while paying attention to the smoothness of the lines and curvature of the work, the permanent collection value of such works is even higher.

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