Everyone has some natural shortcomings. Does that mean that you can't cover your makeup with makeup? No, come see these makeup tips.

Nose repair method

The nose is an important facial feature of the face. The more the nose collapses, the more the face expands. Therefore, the stars are often keen on rhinoplasty, the nose is high, and the plain face instantly makes a mountain-building movement. Not only does the face become three-dimensional, but also the open-eye. effect. But the repair of the nose allows you to achieve this effect without moving the knife. Instead of painting the whole side of the nose, it is better to emphasize the depression between the brow and the bridge of the nose. In addition, the round nose of the Oriental is too cute, and the sides of the nose are slightly decorated with dark colors to give you a small nose of Li Jiaxin.

Makeup tips :

1. Use a long-haired soft brush to repair the powder. Pull the line from the brow down on the nose line. The dark shadow makes the nose thinner and firmer, and the distance between the eyes is concentrated, which brings a concave eye socket.

2. Use Beige Pearl Tone Eye Shadow Powder or Brightening Powder to brighten the bridge of the nose from top to bottom.

3, when drawing shadows, do not stop suddenly above the nose, otherwise it will cause the effect of a big nose.

4, if the bridge of the nose is too high, causing a fierce feeling, it will be a small amount of pink orange blush thinly across the bridge of the nose.

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