"To be honest, I must resist this temptation." Having just rejected an investment of tens of millions of yuan, Liao Feng, chairman and CEO of Nao Bioengineering, is not calm. An investment of tens of millions of yuan is not a temptation to be ignored for a startup bio-enterprise. In fact, it is not easy to refuse temptation. In addition to courage, a strong enough reason is needed. "Mainly because investors have underestimated our company's valuation." Qi Lifeng said.

Qi Lifeng's courage to give up reflects the important trend of the growing attraction of the biotech industry to venture capital from an angle. In recent years, many venture capital institutions at home and abroad are turning their attention to the bio-industry, and the bio-industry may become the next main battlefield of capital competition after new energy.

In fact, if you pay attention to recent news, it is not uncommon for venture capital to favor biotechnology. The most recent one is Yicheng Biotechnology in the home blood glucose testing equipment industry, which announced the completion of the first round of private equity financing and received a 70 million yuan equity investment from Sequoia Capital China Fund and Advantage Capital. Recent investment cases also include Chongqing Detong Fund ’s US $ 10 million investment in Chongqing Boteng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., One Equity Partners, a private equity firm owned by JPMorgan Chase, invested US $ 69.6 million in Guangzhou Kangzeen Pharmaceuticals, and SoftBank China Venture Capital Suzhou Natong Bio-Nano Technology Co., Ltd., NEA and BioVida reorganized Nyskang Pharmaceutical, and venture capital firm Siwei Anhong invested US $ 7 million in the first round of capital injection into Anhui Anqing Pharmaceutical Company. The medical and pharmaceutical industry has become an indispensable part of the business of many venture capital institutions.

Some insiders said that investors from all walks of life sent capital to the securities market three years ago. However, with the intensification of the bubble, many institutional investors have gradually shifted their focus of investment, and the biotech industry is one of the hotspots that is rapidly heating up.

For venture capital, China's rapid development of biotechnology research and development strength is the most important reason for attracting them. In recent years, many scientific and technological talents who have succeeded in this field have returned home to start businesses, and the continuous growth of local biotech talents has made investing in biotechnology just like investing in the Internet in those years. For many entrepreneurs, they already have leading technological achievements, and the next step is to boost the funds, which makes the combination of the two sides easy. "Venture Ventures is most concerned about one of our core technologies-early detection and treatment of tumors. This technology uses nanotechnology to capture tumor markers for early diagnosis and individualized treatment of tumors. According to the sustainable development business in the next five years Models and series of product plans based on tumor nano-contrast agents and nano-medicines, we have now completed research and development and marketed products including tumor imaging nano-probes, gene transfection fluorescent reagents, etc., are very competitive products. "Qi Lifeng said.

From a policy perspective, biotech's motivation to attract venture capital is also very strong. In 2009, China promulgated "Several Policies to Promote the Acceleration of the Development of the Bio-industry", which determined that the bio-industry should be the pillar industry in the high-tech field. The General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice of Several Policies to Promote the Acceleration of the Development of the Bio-industry", requesting that the cultivation of the bio-industry be accelerated. Industry insiders believe that the biopharmaceutical industry has been given the historical task of promoting industrial structure upgrades, promoting technological innovation, and improving national technological competitiveness. The state will provide strong support in finance, taxation, bank credit and other related aspects to increase capital investment, so the future Biomedicine will usher in a golden period of development.

Generally speaking, it is relatively difficult for biotech companies to attract investment because of their long cycle, large investment, and high risk. "Start-up bio companies are generally more difficult to attract investment, but this is not an iron rule. If the project is good, attracting investors is not a problem." Qi Lifeng said. It is reported that Naao has only been in existence for more than a year since its establishment, and has contacted hundreds of domestic and foreign investment companies, including both the world's top bio-industry investors and many domestic investors who specialize in the bio-industry. "This shows that the current field of biotechnology is widely optimistic, and the industry is facing excellent opportunities for development. But for all companies in this industry, how to do now is how to refuse temptation and solidly make products. Only in this way can companies have Out of the way, the industry will have a big development. "Qi Lifeng said. In fact, a competition in biotechnology is being held around the world, and governments of all countries are seizing the commanding heights of the biological industry. From the perspective of the Chinese market, some experts said that China is becoming an indisputable place for international life science companies. It can be concluded that the current capital competition for the biological industry has been opened, and the investment intensity and development speed of the biotechnology market will be

Presents a trend of accelerated development.

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