While 3D printing technology brings convenient scientific and technological achievements, expensive consumables also increase production costs. To reduce costs and increase the utilization of resources, in order to improve economic efficiency, a company can be at the forefront.

Recently, researchers at the Michigan Institute of Technology's Open Sustainable Technology (MOST) lab published a paper titled "In Situ Formation of Substrate Release Mechanisms for Gas Metal Arc Welding Metal 3D Printing ." Gas Metal Arc Weld Metal 3-D Printing), which focuses on substrate removal in metal 3D printing processes. Researchers have pointed out that it is very feasible to make and use reusable substrates.

Microscopic image of substrate and metal 3D printed object interface

The authors of the paper, Amberlee S. Haselhuhn, Bas Wijnen, Gerald C. Anzalone, Paul G. Sanders, and Joshua M. Pearce, specialize in the reuse of a substrate during gas metal arc welding metal 3D printing. The release system produced by this study is well suited for use in gas metal arc welding (GMAW) technology. Here GMAW is considered to be a more economical form of metallic 3D printing in which a gas-protected metal wire "feeds through a consumable nozzle heated by an electrode, and heat comes from between the wire and the substrate. The generated arc."

In this study, the researchers used an open source design 3D printer specifically for GMAW technology, in which a three-axis table was used to hold the substrate, while the welder was used to melt aluminum or steel. Layer 3D printing. Obviously, the resulting 3D object will eventually be firmly bonded to the substrate. The goal of the researchers was to create a reusable substrate instead of removing the substrate to remove the 3D printed metal object.

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