Asked about the secret of the success of almost any make-up artist makeup is that they trust makeup utensils used. Even if they are professional, imaginative, and have a choice of products and wrist and hand movement skills, the right makeup tools are the key to success. From high-end brushes to medical make-up tools, beauty industry suppliers are able to make consumers more beautiful and effective.

Make-up tools have been hot in department stores and You Tube, becoming a top priority for consumers, and brands have launched a lot of makeup tools. From reliable high-end brushes to ball massagers to power tools, the beauty industry's various methods have made the public more confident to use simple makeup to effectively highlight their appearance.

For the manufacturer, the performance of the colorful makeup itself is especially important. For example, make-up tools should be easy to use, can be easily put into a bag or draw a superior effect, in order to establish consumer loyalty, and can be distinguished from other brands. In many cases, makeup tools are the main part of the packaging, or they are essential cosmetic items, so brands and packaging manufacturers have once raised the basic tools to a new level.

According to Mintel's various data on beauty innovations, the demand for “unique” “original” or “special” beauty tools for beauty and personal care products has nearly quadrupled from 2007 to 2010, mainly with skin care. Related, dedicated to face and neck care products, followed by specific tools such as lip gloss or mascara for makeup. Advanced tools typically require loop reinforcement (ball products), uniform sweeping (flow through the brush), and sharpness enhancement (lash brush).

Beauty: the trend of the times

“Cosmetics are a major part of the product development process,” said Gerald Martines, director of new product development at Rexam Cosmetics. “Rexam's philosophy is to work closely with customers to develop packaging that delights consumers and builds their brand. Now, the best makeup products are designed with specific product formulations or designed specifically for them.” Jason, President, Garrett Hewitt International Clerke also said that more cosmetic companies have added special cosmetics to their products. “We used the same approach not long ago. The effect of mascara is on the mascara, and other cosmetics are also the same.” Many powders, copper creams and eyes Cosmetics come with a high-quality brush and are available in a full range of sizes. This has been on TV shopping for a long time, but now it has been universally developed in the real marketing environment. ”

Cosmopak President Walter Dwyer also noted the brand's increased focus on color cosmetics. He said: "Recently these bring interesting and novel ideas, which can also stand out from competitors." Stacey Clahoun of Taiki, USA pointed out that high-end makeup tools, cotton pads and make-up brushes seem to be emerging in the brand, the brand is passing Improved use and outstanding efficiency increase the value of the finished product.

Sari Sternschein, director of marketing for Qosmedix, which specializes in hygienic sampling and cosmetic tools, said: "We have found that most brands are looking for innovative make-up devices that will differentiate them from competition. But of course, the design of efficacy is a priority."

Ball is also the core technology

The emergence of the ball is an example of the perfect combination of convenience and function. This cosmetic tool has been proven to be effective by the consumer's enthusiastic response to it.

According to the Mintel survey, the launch of ball cosmetics ranked first on the production list, growing from 2007 to 83%. Carrying lightness is the main reason for the popularity of this tool, especially the fragrance, which has doubled from 2009 to 2010. Eye care and lip products have also been successfully designed with a quick and convenient design.

Cosmopak's president noted that the skin care uses a lot of balls. "Metal balls are very hot. It can be a single ball - this has been a long history - or more recent ball applications, such as Cosmopak's three balls, which we have sold to Many companies.” It can be seen that balls are also one of the most popular techniques for beauty tools.

Cosmopak's three-balls suggest that products/cosmetic appliances tend to be medically external, especially for consumers who are eager for clinical treatment, but it has changed the cosmetic route.

“The three ball makeup tools look very different from other makeup tools,” Dwyer said. “It’s not clinical but clinical, it may be automatic.”

Stemschein is also aware of this medical trend. “Makeup tools are becoming more and more like clinical instruments, especially dial-up cosmetics, like our new Dial-Up makeup tools with a spatula tip, and makeup tools that look like syringes, in the same way The agent is divided into a world of syringes."

Rexam's Martines attributed the clinical appearance to the rise of hybrid products. He said that the skin care and cosmetics world is merging together. Now some products are positioned as virtual medicine, which drives makeup tools and packaging, cosmetics, color bags, fonts, etc., which tend to convey scientific beauty, even serous, and some look like Small eyedrops. Packaging helps to express product characteristics and also helps with the application.

But the brush does not follow this clinical trend, "Sponge makeup equipment goes straight in that direction, especially the head sponge."

In addition, many make-up tools have tip-tip accuracy because they have a needle-like tip, such as the Yves Rocher eyeliner with ultra-fine soft tips for high precision.


Brands and manufacturers in order to make consumers feel good, not only the makeup tools, but also the posture - the way the hand moves, or the way the makeup tools apply the product, such as the use of balls - these are very important. Materials and shapes have also been developed to enhance the use of cosmetics and have a decisive effect on the results of the formulation.

Qosmedix Stemshein explained to consumers that the three disposable mascara sticks of the live silicon head are essentially different from the general mascara products: “The large cone-shaped makeup is natural, and the spiral head looks very fairy. The head brushed each eyelash into a full fan-shaped makeup."

Rotation is the key to Cosmopak's new sealed rotary pen, which was a huge breakthrough when it was introduced to the US market. Previously, the makeup tool did not close the valve, which meant that all pens were unsealed when the lid was removed, which limited the use of some non-sealed formula pens—such as concealers or lipsticks or lip glosses—to avoid drying. The company also uses this sealed rotary pen in the body.

The innovation of make-up brushes, from gestures to materials, has soared in the past few years, bringing brands and consumers a seemingly endless choice for suits or stand-alone installations.

Clerke said there are new demands for advanced brushes. “This may be because of the economic recovery,” he boldly said. “People who buy mass market or mid-market brushes have recently called 'I want to improve my makeup brush, like XYZ'.” Anisa President Anisa Telwar They emphasize that they follow the trend of fashion and accessories and learn from different channels, including working with industry makeup artists, and important customer test brushes to ensure proper brush matching with the right product. ”

Consumers are looking for unique makeup brushes in the market. The application of the brush will be expanded. “Face details are more emphasized, such as eyebrows and eyelashes. Patented design and applied to different positions such as eyebrows, eyes and cheeks.”

Material brings a world of difference

Natural and synthetic fibers, the material, design and technology of make-up brushes make "different people have different brushing effects." Anisa International recently developed a double-sided makeup brush that blends the benefits of natural and synthetic brushes. A tool. “This is the latest in the market,” Telwar said. “It’s also a symbol of the combination of function and aesthetics,” “Each brush in this series has both synthetic hair and natural hair, and the brush is more precise and faster. It is good for emollients or liquid products, then the brush can be turned over, and the natural hair is used for powdery products. You can use the top of the brush to spread the entire face and use two hair features to sweep the makeup. Each brush All are equipped with special brush heads, which are more comprehensive, professional and quality."

For creamy products, some of the unique blends of FM work better than natural ones. Cooper says their synthetics are more durable and usually antibacterial. The antibacterial brush has increased demand for a second-generation Chinese manufacturer, BaoSheng, which provides hand-assembled high-end brushes for large global beauty brands. Marco Golding, deputy general manager of the sales department, said the real and synthetic fiber brushes used by the company are works of art.

What type of brush is the best seller?

Clerke says it is a high-quality brush made of high-grade synthetic hair. “They are very similar to the top animal hair brushing, and people are increasingly demanding non-animal products.” He also said, “We are now able to produce high quality synthetic fibers that mimic any kind of animal hair, making it illegible. The degree of imitation."

According to Taiki's Calhoun, makeup brushes continue to evolve from goat wool or other animal hair to synthetic hair. She said that “cosmetic companies are increasingly interested in eco-friendly alternatives to “animal-free products.”” A new patented synthetic PTT fiber from Taiki is said to “make the superior softness and effect of squirrel hair”.

In addition, the design of the handle of the eco-friendly beauty brush is also the key. The choice of eco-friendly brushes not only extends to the hair, but the handle is also included. There are many examples of such innovations in the makeup industry. Anisa offers several options including bamboo handles. There is a color non-toxic stain and a brush with a special handle, which is actually made of biodegradable corn residue. FM brushes have composite handles, bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and PET packaging. BaoSheng recently introduced a brush without a metal hoop, that is, the brush handles the bristles.

According to Clerke, the demand for eco-friendly brushes and vegan brushes has increased dramatically. “A powerful proof is our eco-brush series.” These brushes use bamboo handles from a sustainable bamboo farm, circulating aluminum ferrules and synthetic hair, so they are completely vegan, and the glue does not contain any animal products. .

Electric makeup equipment

Electric make-up tools are hotter, and while this has made some brands successful, others have doubts about its true value.

Cosmopak has witnessed a significant demand movement towards moisturizing make-up tools, Dwyer said: “The use of make-up tools is not just smearing, but massage, which is a new concept that we proposed in 2011, which works very well.” He called them A new type of vibrating massage tube for the meat or body lotion is also being introduced.

At the same time, Rexam's Martines said that the feedback from top makeup artists has "What is the value? Some technologies are new, but they are contrary to the real concept of the makeup industry. Don't take shortcuts, but use technology skillfully, related to the makeup industry. stand up."

Whether it's electric or other models of makeup, Martines believes that "ideal" is -- in the framework of value, consider the cost - to help consumers from a heavy makeup professionally to a daily simple makeup program, no matter how many products complex. “The key is to be proactive and work closely with brand owners, consumers and make-up artists. As a supplier, understand the pressure of consumers and detect their behavior. “Regular action” is to really listen to their product expectations. Finally, observe The work of professionals. The quality of the products has improved and the formula has changed. Then the economic pressure we face, the nature of the "best" makeup tools has changed."

Alan Goolman initially worked at Stagelight Cosmetics, then became a national makeup artist for Christian Dior in the United States, and then worked as a senior makeup artist at Chanel in the United States. Now he is creative consultants, brands, products, color development, color theory and training... and of course professional consultants with brushes. Alan said that he was not a makeup tool. Those make-up brushes, cotton pads, and the like may or may not increase the perceived value of the product, but almost always enhance the original function of the product. He said that since the beginning of the makeup artist in the late 1970, he treated this art very seriously. It is only the hand-made art brush that he can buy from the art store that can satisfy his practical requirements for the brush. Long handles, be especially careful when using them. But today's make-up market, whether it is the brand's classic pop-up items or make-up sets, the design and production of makeup tools are especially important, but also a variety of products, a variety of new products emerge one after another.

Steve Corsi, as a well-known authority in the makeup industry, also introduced to consumers the design points of makeup tools, such as eyelash brush and lip gloss. He said that although the makeup tools in the past decade have been the unknown heroes of the makeup industry, they have witnessed the evolution of makeup products. When designing makeup tools, materials, structures and functions (MSF) are always the most basic and core.

In mascara makeup, within the MFS framework, mascara may have witnessed the biggest change in recording: synthesis and molding of materials and structures (allowing the configuration of single fibers) to functionality - as provided by Estée Lauder and Lancome. The vibration function, these bring improved product applications.

Taking into account the functional factors, the modified eyelash brush appeared as a radar such as Revlon's CustomEyes. These enhanced growth multi-function mascara features are consistent with recent multi-functional mascara products. These are accompanied by a variety of shape changes, two examples of which are: basic machinery (in the brush extension mechanism) and secret transmission (now theorizing), applying temperature-sensitive shape memory alloys (SMA) such as Nitinol.

In terms of lip gloss, lip gloss is now commonly used in PP and PET make-up, and makeup tools come directly from the tube – usually PP or sarin. Dior Capture Totale uses a similar smear concept and applies a metal spatula directly to the lip gloss. Palladium-plated metal spatulas are said to have a cooling effect (functionality) for use.

In terms of foundation, the structure and function of the product are important, and the flow-through foundation (such as YSL Perfect Touch) provides a new level of convenience for such products. However, health is still a problem.

Finally, the traditional foam makeup tools. In the past, materials used in traditional foam cosmetic tools have evolved (such as Yukilon and Polyurethane), and antibacterial effects have progressed; some structures, such as ergonomic shapes; structural and functional innovations, Sonia Kashkuk and Beauty Blender, are examples. The sheer number of foam cosmetics in the make-up market is probably the most innovative area of ​​the MSF framework.

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