Fuzhou Baochuang Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a new type of environmentally-friendly plastic packaging material made of plant fiber (or starch) foamed foam with good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance. It is non-toxic, non-absorbent and can be processed into various shapes. Its shockproof performance is better than that of polystyrene and other traditional packaging materials. It can produce slippers, packing boxes, carpets, pads, etc. It can also be used in vehicles and ships. Construction, chemical household appliances, footwear industry, decoration engineering and other industries. The product is made from wood fiber, husk, straw, corn stalk and other plant fibers ground into powder, and burns into powder, which is 30% lower than the cost of existing foam plastics. It is inspected by Fuzhou City Plastic Industry Technical Innovation Center and various physical The technical indicators are all the same as those for foams. (Lin Yizhong)

Reprinted from: Chinese Packaging

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