Nanjing Tiangang Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. uses Huaguang Seiko high-quality, brand-name WF47 series printer as the main body, combined with imported paper feeding machine and programmable PLD automatic control system to form a professional computer ticket printer with light printing machinery as the main body. This field is dominated by imported machinery, which has created a new world of light printing equipment.

It is suitable for the printing of book type, folding type and roll type multiple ticket. With touch screen instruction console, easy to use, accurate control. Due to the adoption of unique control technology, the problem of incompatibility between the upper and lower joints when rewinding multi-unit small rewind tickets is solved.

The characteristics of the aircraft, the ink system is separated, can freely adjust the size of water and ink, to meet the requirements of different inks on the ink. Automatic skipping can be realized under various configurations, and models with coded indentation can achieve functions such as overprinting, automatic marking indentation, automatic skipping, and multi-color overprinting.

Paper feed adopts imported paper feeder and servo motor, with fast response, accurate positioning, imported touch screen control, convenient operation and high reliability.

Photoelectric detection automatic imprinting, automatic paper, stack paper, can be used roll type and on the folding type paper delivery. The machine's printing accuracy: 0.01mm; paper width 0.470mm can be arbitrarily set the paper width in units of 0.25mm. â—†

A 15MM Dice is not so common of 16MM. But we keep the mold for some special needs. All custom colors are available.

With all the sizes of dice available, don't know which size you need? Is a 12MM Dice big enough to easily game with? Just how large is a 25mm dice compared to other game components? Take a look below at our examples of all the common dice dimensions to find out!

Dice Size Comparison

15MM Dice

15MM Six Sided Dice,15MM Dice Wholesale,15MM RPG Dice Set,15MM Colored Game Dice