High-pressure hose is widely used in various fields of national economy and people's livelihood. Due to the requirements of various working conditions, its variety is huge. China's high-pressure hose manufacturing industry is very large, with thousands of high-pressure hose manufacturers all over the country. At present, China has become one of the countries with the largest global high-pressure hose production and market demand. However, most of China's high-pressure hose industry is small and medium-sized, and the quality is uneven. Less than 10 have an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. Even compared with other domestic machinery industries, there is still a big gap in terms of equipment and technical level. There are few units capable of independent research and development of high-end products. Therefore, in large-scale petrochemical, nuclear power, oil and gas long-distance pipelines and other major engineering projects, the supporting high-pressure hoses currently mainly rely on imports. At present, high-pressure hose companies attach great importance to the development of new products. It should be noted that the development of China's high-pressure hose industry to this day, although there is still a gap with the international advanced level, but it has gone beyond the stage of simply copying and absorbing. Seeking for further development of the technical approach, while analyzing and borrowing foreign advanced products, we should comprehensively analyze and think about the development trend of high-pressure hose technology and product development from a deeper level, and strive to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights. . People-oriented, establish a humane product design concept. Often we mainly consider the material, structure, mechanical strength, working performance, service life and other factors in product design. When evaluating the quality of high-pressure hoses, these are generally adopted. index. With the development of the times and the progress of society, people-oriented ideas have penetrated into all areas of social life. We can clearly feel this change in housing, cars, computers, mobile phones, clothing and various public facilities. They carefully consider the consumer's feelings in every detail from the aspects of safety, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection, novelty, beauty, etc., reflecting the care for people. Obviously, the humanized design should not be limited to the scope of daily consumer goods. As a large amount of high-pressure hose, it is widely used in industrial, agricultural, national defense and mechanical products that are closely related to people's daily work and life. It is confined to traditional design concepts and design methods, and new ideas should be developed and injected with new ideas.

Microwave popcorn paper bags produced from white greaseproof kraft paper


                                              Design:  Customized Design

                                              Size:       295mm×140mm×100mm


                                               Paper:   Food-grade Greasproof White Kraft Paper

                                               Compound Adhesive: Water-based White Adhesive PVA 

                                               Heat Seal Adhesive: PVA Water Soluble (Green)

                                               Side Seam Adhesive: Water Soluble Emulsion(White) 

                                               Ink: MWW (M/W Water Base Carbon Free) 

                                               Individual weight: 11.2g

                                               Oil resistant: â‰¥  kit11

White microwave popcorn bags

White Kraft Paper Bag

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