With the development and integration of computer technology and communication technology, modern society has entered a new era of network information at an unprecedented speed. Network technology is a development process of new and old replacement and survival of the fittest. The development of new technologies and new methods is changing rapidly and emerging one after another. The development of new technologies is for the purpose of application. Therefore, the new generation of network technology represented by the Internet is gradually approaching campus The construction of the net.

<1> The Internet of Things approaches the campus network

The complete definition of the Internet of Things refers to: through information sensing equipment such as sensors, radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners, etc., according to the agreed protocol, any item is connected to the Internet for information exchange And communication, to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of a network [1]. The purpose is to connect all items with the network, which is convenient for identification, management and control.

The Internet of Things not only provides the connection of sensors, but also has the capability of intelligent processing, which can implement intelligent control of objects. The Internet of Things combines sensors and intelligent processing, and uses cloud computing, pattern recognition and other intelligent technologies to expand its application fields. Analyze, process and process meaningful data from the massive information obtained by the sensors to meet the different needs of different users and discover new application areas and application models. At present, the Internet of Things has been used for the security management of the campus network, and an information management platform based on the campus network has been established. However, with the continuous development of sensor technology, the application of the Internet of Things in schools will be further deepened. It is possible to apply the Internet of Things to professional teaching and construction, and to provide technical guarantee for the establishment of a real simulated training base for related majors.

<2> Three network convergence is applied to campus network

The so-called three-network integration refers to the integration of network resources of telecommunication networks, cable TV networks, and the Internet [2]. Its purpose is to transform the multimedia information network by optimizing the existing network configuration, comprehensive utilization, integrating existing network resources, using all-digital connections, broadband data exchange and transmission, highly integrated services, simplifying terminal interfaces, intelligent management and control, etc. Provide users with multimedia information services such as video, data, and voice.

"Three Networks Convergence" uses the original TV equipment to transform it to form a digital TV network, which realizes broadband access, program download, multi-application and multi-service functions. On this basis, the TV network, telecommunications network and the Internet are combined to complement each other, and the campus network based on the "three network integration" technology is composed of an optical fiber Ethernet and a closed-circuit TV network upgraded HFC two-way network. Technology and digital broadcasting technology, convert TV signals and broadcast signals into IP packets, broadcast in the local area network, form a broadcast and TV station in the school, any computer terminal in the network can receive.

<3> Wireless LAN and 3G stay on campus

Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) is a very convenient data transmission system. It uses radio frequency (RadioFrequency, RF) technology to replace the old-fashioned twisted-pair copper wire (Coaxial) LAN, which makes the use of wireless LAN The simple access structure allows users to use it to achieve the ideal state of "information is carried around and it is convenient to walk the world". At present, the wireless network has been applied to the access between college campuses that are far away from campuses, irregularly distributed campus buildings and inside buildings, conference halls, campus public rest places, faculty dormitory buildings, and schools and teaching and research network centers. And interconnection.

3G refers to 3rd-generation (3G-generation) technology, which refers to cellular mobile communication technology that supports high-speed data transmission. The typical feature of 3G is the high-speed wireless mobile service that can provide voice and data at the same time, and the rate is generally above several hundred kbps. The campus network uses the 3G network as the basic construction, with the TD-HSDPA network as the main network, and supplements the indoor hotspots such as dormitory and library with WLAN network coverage, making the "wireless campus" network flexible, high-bandwidth and wireless Access advantages.

<4> Cloud computing explores campus

Cloud computing in the narrow sense refers to the delivery and use mode of IT infrastructure, which refers to obtaining the required resources through the network in an on-demand and easily scalable manner; broad cloud computing refers to the delivery and use mode of the service, which refers to using the network to Get the services you need in an easy way. It is a group of virtual server groups that work together in the network. With strong network support, the calculation is distributed on a large number of distributed computers instead of local computers or remote servers, providing infrastructure, platforms and software application services to achieve Distributed data processing in the network after a specific connection [3]. It is an infrastructure management methodology: manage a large number of highly virtualized resources to form a large resource pool for unified service provision (IBM). Based on open standards and services, based on the Internet, provide Safe, fast and convenient data storage and unified features of network computing service (Google).

The application of cloud computing to the campus network requires it to provide IT infrastructure without purchasing expensive hardware equipment. It can achieve comprehensive coverage, optimal performance, maximum scale, and minimum cost in the construction of information transmission infrastructure, while also meeting the needs of practicality, stability, and advanced security technology required by educational networks. .

(2) Impact of new technologies on campus network construction

In the context of educational innovation and innovative education, it is necessary to establish an innovative educational environment, especially school innovation environment. The application of new network technologies to the construction of campus networks has changed the original campus teaching, learning, and living environment. It has become possible to apply new technologies to the construction of campus innovation environments using system design ideas.

<1> Intelligent teaching of IoT construction

The innovation environment is first and foremost an innovation in the classroom environment. Use the Internet of Things to expand traditional classrooms and virtual experiments: You can use smart tags to identify objects that need to be learned, and adjust the learning content according to the students' learning behavior records; establish an ubiquitous learning environment; Investigation and practice to enhance students' experience. For example, in experimental teaching, students need to use a variety of experimental equipment. You can paste a label with a two-dimensional code for each experimental equipment. After seeing this equipment, in addition to knowing its name, you can also use your mobile phone to identify two-dimensional Code obtains its related extended content from the teaching platform. The Internet of Things also solves the security certification problem of campus networks. The construction of an innovative environment requires an open network resource system. However, openness will inevitably lead to insecurity. The new technology of the Internet of Things provides campus security certification.

<2> Three networks in one to create a comprehensive resource utilization platform

The integration of the three networks into the campus is an inevitable trend of information development and an inevitable choice for advancing informatization strategies. It makes full use of the existing network resources, adopts digital technology transformation on the basis of the original video network, and adapts it to the IP network. By transforming the TV network or terminal, a new system is reconstructed with the telecommunications network and the Internet. The new network can carry more services and realize more functions. It can make full use of television, radio, and online resources, and obtain the most cutting-edge knowledge and technology in various ways, thereby affecting the change of people's thinking. The construction of an innovative environment is first and foremost a change in the thinking of teachers and students. The integration of the three networks has achieved a variety of ways and means to acquire knowledge. And the integration of the three networks can make full use of modern network technology to carry out distance education, and play the role of high-quality educational resources.

<3> Wireless network and 3G technology create universal learning model

Ubiquitous learning is a learning method in a pervasive computing environment. Through ubiquitous computing environment, it provides learners with continuous and appropriate learning information at any time, any place, and any equipment. The main characteristics of pervasive learning are: permanence, easy access, immediacy, interactivity, authenticity of teaching activities, adaptability, and collaboration. The ubiquitous learning environment should be multi-dimensional. It can provide visual, listening, reading or a combination of them. Only in this way can we have a comprehensive and profound understanding of knowledge, can we transcend its original learning situation, and give people broader and far-reaching thinking, and then expand Move to other fields to achieve innovation. The wireless network and 3G technology enable Internet access on campus anytime, anywhere, and multiple people can access the Internet at the same time, and provide faster network speeds, creating a universal learning environment on campus.

<4> Cloud computing builds an updated online learning environment

The service mode of cloud computing is to hand over the task of updating the equipment to the service provider-the founder of the data center or the provider of related services. In this way, the cloud computing model expands a brand new learning space for the education field, and also creates a brand new environment for information sharing, information collaboration, and learning. That is, the services provided by learners through cloud computing can make better use of information resources and services.

Only in the most cutting-edge environment can we innovate better. The new generation of network technology is constantly developing, and the application in the campus network is also constantly deepening. Technology focuses on application. With the better development of new network technologies, how to better apply the campus network to create an innovative environmental value of the campus still requires our efforts. (Organized by China Educational Equipment Purchasing Network)

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