Name: RAX Micro Outdoor - Passage

Product Model:32-5K079

RAX brand introduction:


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RAX is a lifestyle brand for outdoor life. The brand inspired the new century's music and livelihood in the RAX mountain area in the Alps from 70 to 80 years and European classic fashion design concept. It is the world's first fashion outdoor brand that advocates light and natural life. RAX products integrate fashion, technology, and lightness into outdoor sports into busy urban life, promote "micro-outdoor" healthy lifestyle, and interpret the concept of "Live Light - live light"! RAX marks lightness, a light outdoor spirit.

Experience people information:

- Name/ID: Love sleeping calf

- Age: After 85

-Gender: Female

- Height: 161cm

-- Weight: 48kg

Experience Location: Beijing, Yanqing, Shuiquangou

Experience time: April 29

Outdoor experience: Since February 2012, he has been exposed to outdoor life. He likes the fresh air of nature, likes to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, experience the tranquility and cosiness of nature, and throw away all the irritability and return to his heart. Calmness. Since I have been in contact with the Green Field, I've met a lot of other people. I can not only make friends outside when I'm in the wild, but also bring myself a safe guarantee for outdoor walks. In 2013, frequent visits to fog and haze caused more friends to step out of the city and find fun in the wilderness. I was more than happy.

product information

- Year of manufacture: 2013

- Weight: 125g

- Product description: Ultra light breathable quick-drying outdoor lovers upstream shoes (female models 37 yards)

- Market price: 629 yuan

Open the parcel to see the shoes are deep mint sensation RAX Micro Outdoors - lapses, a sense of excitement, this will add a touch of cool to my summer outdoors, is my favorite color, like the feeling. Bright colors and bright colors, clean and tidy packaging, and three green-healthy tree seeds for the world to support the concept of environmental protection and support for RAX.


The product weighs only 125g. It is very light in the outdoor shoes. It is very convenient to go on a backpack. So you can't wait to take out DeSer during the May Holiday.

The location of this test was Shuiquangou, which belongs to the mountain forest. It is about 500 meters above sea level. The weather is fine, but it is still cold after entering the mountain.


Although these shoes are upstream shoes, they can be worn as amphibious shoes. The shoes have dew on both sides. It is not like other upstream shoes in the market have large holes in the soles of the shoes. It is not convenient for hiking and hiking for a long time. Dust and dirt have passed, and this lapse has been avoided. The designers of RAX think very thoughtfully.

Shoes wrapped in soft fabric, exquisite workmanship, first-time foot feel very comfortable, no new shoes run-in period. At the same time it is also very suitable for lazy people to wear law, direct slippers wear law, followed by fabric is very comfortable.


The mesh design of the shoes, diamond-shaped large hole design, can effectively and quickly perspiration, breathable, use of suede microfiber fabrics, shoes are characterized by soft, breathable, tough wearable, anti-collision design of the toe, whether in mountaineering or The upstream will protect the toes very well and will not be subjected to impact.




You can walk outdoors without worry and worry about getting your toes bumped.

Lace design is very humane, using high-strength non-slip elastic lace with a convenient anti-slip fastener design, get rid of the danger of loose shoes in outdoor sports; walking in the water, but also to avoid the shoes become wet due to water Loose phenomenon.


This shoe also has a more commendable design - patented drainage rubber outsole, with non-slip, wear resistance, resistance to bending, strong grip characteristics, a pair of good shoes depends on the sole of the material.



The greatest feature of upstream shoes is of course the drainage permeability of wading. The weather is still very good today, and it doesn't feel very cold after launching.






Drainage of the shoes is very strong, it can be very clean in just a few seconds, and the shoes will not slip after the water, there is a strong grip, there is no slippery discomfort, outdoor activities Safe and secure.


The shoe's mesh leakage insole, mesh design, non-slip perspiration, efficient drainage.


The shoes are quick-drying and have been worn after wading. Soon there is no wet discomfort.

In general, the shoes are well-designed, detailed in detail, bright in color, suitable for a variety of occasions, and are very much liked. They can go upstream and wading; they can go to the beach without worrying about the invasion of sand; An excellent choice for outdoor American donkey, don't miss it.

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