“I bought a few pieces of furniture from a furniture factory in Dongyang on Taobao. After receiving the goods, I found that the size of the furniture has shrunk.” Recently, Ms. Zheng from Zhanjiang, Guangdong called the newspaper to reflect the situation.

In August of this year, an occasional opportunity, Ms. Zheng saw an online store opened by a furniture factory in the city in Taobao.com. Ms. Zheng fancy a set of African rosewood dining table and a set of African rosewood sofas (seven sets), but I feel that the two sets of furniture are small in size, so I want to customize to the business. Merchants said that customization can be, but to increase the price, and must first pay 30% of the purchase price.

The merchant also said that if it does not pass the Taobao transaction, but through the cash on delivery method, it will give Ms. Zheng a 5% discount. Ms. Zheng agreed and signed the contract with the merchant online.

On October 21st, Ms. Zheng received the online shopping furniture, but she did not expect the size of some furniture to become smaller. Therefore, Ms. Zheng made a replacement for the merchant on the grounds of “size does not match”, but she was rejected by the other party. The merchant said that this error is within the normal range and is only willing to pay 300 yuan.

After receiving a call from Ms. Zheng, the reporter contacted the person in charge of the furniture factory, but the other party said that she had not dealt with Ms. Zheng. When the reporter said "Ms. Zheng's chat records and money-taking records", the other party only said "no one can say this kind of record."

As of press time, Ms. Zheng did not change to the furniture that met her requirements. She said that she is not responsible for shopping, and she also has certain responsibilities. I hope that through this newspaper, other consumers will not be allowed to trade privately when they purchase online. They must pass Taobao, otherwise there will be trouble when they complain.

The fifth meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People's Congress yesterday passed a decision on the revision of the Consumer Protection Law. The new law will be implemented on March 15, 2014 (see version 4 for details).

This revision mainly improves the consumer rights protection system from four aspects, such as strengthening the obligations of operators, standardizing new consumption methods such as online shopping, and establishing a consumer public interest litigation system.

This amendment gives consumers a "repent" right to online shopping, stipulating that consumers can purchase products through the Internet and other methods, "there is no reason to return within seven days." The new law stipulates that operators use the Internet, television, telephone, mail order, etc. to sell goods. Consumers have the right to return the goods within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods, and there is no need to explain the reasons. However, the exception is "customer customization".

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