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The backpack on the market is mainly the following brands: BIGBACK, VAUDE, SEATOSUMMIT, JACKWOLFSKIN, FOXMOOR, FREETIME, NIKKO, OZRKA, onepolar, INWAY. The prices of these packages and their respective characteristics can be searched on the Internet. I don't have to worry about it. I just talk about personal experience.

The material of the backpack: The main bag fabric and strap of the backpack are all represented by “XXX” D. “XXX” refers to the density of the nylon threads of the fabric. The backpack is of high density, of course, and the main package is generally at 400D. 1000D (mainly to do the bottom). However, there is also a tear-resistant material from DuPont: Cordula. The surface of the fabric is distributed in a grid pattern, which can effectively prevent the wound from being widened after the fabric is scratched. At present, BIGBACK, VAUDE, OZRKA and other backpacks have adopted this kind of fabric. They have special signs "Cordula" on their bodies. If the body uses Corula, the requirements for "XXX" D can be lower. 400D--700D is enough. Therefore, relatively speaking, BIGPACK, VAUDE backpacks are around 500D-750D ... backpacks do not have to wash, this DuPont company in the development of backpack materials to take into account. If it is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth or use a dust cleaner.

Waterproof performance: Although the general package boasts a waterproof degree of “1000” mm, it is an ideal static figure. In reality, the water slowly infiltrates into the backpack, so be sure to prepare a rain cover. The hood needs to be bigger than a backpack, because in most cases there are tents or moisture-proof mats. When you go out, it is best to keep the rain cover on your backpack. It is not necessary to wait until it rains. Is dirty ... In fact, air-conditioning cover can also replace the waterproof cover, but also much cheaper. In addition, the backpacks that are currently sold are actually equipped with rain covers, but since the merchants have separated them and sold more money, they have...

The piggyback system: This is the key to the package selection, and is also a competitive weapon for major manufacturers, such as BIGPACK's TCS piggyback system, CR system, VAUDE and SEATOSUMMIT's X piggy back system... In terms of personal use, TCS carries the most reliable system. Solid, no side to side shake, but also can make the weight of the bag evenly transmitted to the waist below. X piggyback system is more comfortable, more suitable for Asian human body shape, shoulder width can be adjusted according to individual needs... CR system performs well in small capacity package... Since BIGPACK introduced top TCS system, many counterfeits, such as OZRKA also has side braces, except that BIG is a titanium alloy and OZRKA uses a plastic tube. There are many people blindly advocating the TCS system. In fact, if it is not carrying a heavy object to go a long way, the TCS system is completely overkill.

The correct adjustment of the piggyback system is also a problem, because the current backpack almost does not introduce the instructions of the adjustment system. If you have bought a good package and have not adjusted the piggyback system, then it is completely a decoration... So when you buy a backpack, The best way to ask businesses to know how to adjust the backpack

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Fasteners for backpacks: Nowadays, backpack fasteners are basically "Duraflex" and "niffko". The vast majority of backpacks use the "Duraflex", and only NIKKO's backpack uses "niffko". In contrast, “Duraflex” is more professional and durable than “niffko”. The fasteners used in backpacks differ from general ones in that they are made of resin instead of ordinary plastic. Because the resin won't be brittle under the cold temperature, excessive bending will not break... Some people think of titanium and aluminum alloy as the fastener - Oh, the temperature at the bottom, the metal surface will be passivated, the skin will come into contact with the blunt The layer immediately adhered, as if it touched the ice, and the resin would not.

During the placement and transportation of the backpack, remember to insert the fastener so that it cannot be hung by other hard objects. It is worth noting that there are two series of "UTX" and "WooJin" in "Duraflex". "UTX" is the mainstream, strong and tough, and most of them are fasteners of this series. But the best is "WooJin", which is the most flexible fastener I've ever used. The insert of the male fastener can be bent more than 90 degrees without breaking. SEATOSUMMIT's backpacks are all designated to use this series of fasteners. NIFFKO can also be considered a brand fastener, characterized by a very tight fastening line, mainly used in sports bags of some civilian brands, such as JACKSPORT......

The backpack's plug-in: The backpacks are all designed to be plug-in locations. Some are external tapes, some are external fasteners (need to buy external tapes)....Oddly, BIGPACK, VAUDE, and other famous brands are better than SEATOSUMMIT and INWAY. And so much less. Although the plug-in can increase the capacity of the bag, it is also likely to cause the uneven weight of the backpack and the inconvenience of movement. It is just like the person who used to start Otto to open the East Long Windmill. It is not easy to estimate the distance between the upper and lower left and right sides. Do not promote plug-in, in addition to the kettle set ... plug the best thing with a sleeve, or easy to wear. The plug-in products must be bundled firmly, and it is recommended to use a separate external strip for reinforcement, especially for the relatively heavy tents...

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Backpack brand and choice: To buy a backpack, you must first consider your height and ability to bear. The purpose of the donkey line is very important. At least 50 liters of climbing must be selected. The caving hole must use a 20-litre packet (professional cavernous bag). If you buy a 65-liter bag to accompany PLMM shopping, you will be BT... Practicality is the most important, simplicity is the United States...

Review mountainsmith and bigpack backpack

Hereinafter referred to as M and B
Bear the system: This is the focus of the most concern ALICE. M's APS system is compared with B's TCS (CR and AIRFLEX systems are not on the same grade, so it is excluded.) Both M and B emphasize that the backpack focuses on the person's waist, that is, the human tail bone naturally rises. That part will reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the backpack (in fact, the design of all backpacks is the same). B's TCS is based on two aluminum alloy (titanium alloy) tubes. When the weight is on the back, it is equivalent to carrying the TCS tube frame rather than the body. Therefore, B can better focus the human body's bearing point on the tail. , Memorize four positions, and to prevent the body from shaking is also very good, especially in difficult areas, when the body itself needs a large swing operation, TCS can reduce the inertia of backpack shock.

M's APS system emphasizes the relevance of the body and the back of the human body. Although the APS's carrying system adjustment is much more complicated than that of the TCS, if properly adjusted, the entire body can be very humanized and closely attached to the back of the human body. It is much better than the four obvious stress points of TCS. Of course, the APS also places emphasis on the waist. A hypertrophic fibrous foam version is used to close the back of the person's back, and then two aluminum extensions similar to B's CR carrying system are used to transmit pressure from the body to the shoulder and back to the back. M's skid-proof function is achieved by two small aluminum alloy tubes at the bottom of the backpack, and it also has a taste of TCS. However, the actual effect is the same as that of JACKWOLFSKIN and VAUDE. Less than TCS, and the left and right backpack straps attached to the lumbar support must be tightened to allow the anti-swaying side-slip functionality to work (this relates to the backpack strap material to be introduced later).

In addition M's shoulder has a big feature: Because M's piggyback system is more effective than TCS to make the lumbar end bear heavier pressure, so its shoulder strap is a bit thinner and thinner than B. It is very suitable The relatively narrow shoulder width of the Asian race will not be like that of the B. The two hypertrophy shoulder straps will increase the shoulder compression area and disperse the shoulder bearing force, but it will put the shoulders of people with narrower shoulder widths. The bone was very painful. And with the same baggage weight, M's shoulder force is reduced much more than B's, and the main pressure is transmitted to the back of the waist by the APS system.

Once again, M's burdened system adjustment is complex. When B buys it, it's best to make the business clear.

Backpack material design: Obviously, B's backpack belt is much larger than M's density, and it is more solid. The straps of the M bag are too soft and it is easy to slide. When the backpack is heavy, the strap must be tightened frequently, but after a while, it loosens again. This is a fatal flaw in domestic production of M-packs. However, the waterproof effect of the M bag is much higher than that of B, and M is best known in the world for its J-type large-loop buckle zipper, which can make things in the backpack, regardless of the upper and lower layers, can be easily taken out. It is a very user-friendly design and is also a selling point for M in the backpacking industry. M package's top bag can be removed separately to make a simple purse, can also be made with a waist pad to make a more solid large purse, this design, FREETIME, JACKWOLFSKIN are used, but when the usual top package is too heavy, back When it is easy to tilt forward to touch or oppress the back of the head, it feels uncomfortable. While B uses a conical top bag, it cannot be dismantled, but loading more things will not press the back of the head. There are two large storage bags on the left and right sides of the M package, which are more airy than B and can hold many things that are often required to be taken in and out. In terms of fasteners, M can be said to be a collection of various products. The main fasteners are DURAFLEX. They are very durable. This is the same as B. All zippers use YKK, while B uses YBS, but not YKK. For the fasteners used to carry the system adjustment, M used NIFFCO. As I described before, this kind of fastener can be used to hold the strap tightly. Although the elastic tolerance is not as good as that of DURAFLEX, it does not require a regular adjustment of the carrying system. It can be tighter than the DURAFLEX card, making up for the M-strap's excessively soft defects.

Backpack capacity: B is much worse than M, M55 liters of FOSTFIRE, all pulled up, can hold about 100 liters of things, and B's TCS maximum 80 liters, it can only be equivalent to about 60 ordinary backpack or even more The capacity. On the external side, both companies are very economical, not as good as those of SEATOSUMMIT. However, M has more hanging points than B, and can buy a plug-in to supplement it.

Backpack nobility - British karrimor showdown Italy Ferrino

Karrimor and Ferrino are two backpacks that I backed between 2001 and 2002. I went to Medog and Nepal. It was sold later. This is an evaluation written after I sold these two packages. The following are referred to as K and F, respectively.

Carrying system: F's carrying system is divided into many types. There is BEA (back-up aluminum alloy plate can be extracted, to facilitate the randomness of loading supplies. For example, 40 liters of bag, not much back, you can remove the aluminum alloy carrying plate After the height of the backpack is tightened, it will not make people feel that the backpack space is too wasteful. There is also the EBP system, which uses a similar kind of piggy back pad that can be moved up and down. The more advanced is the back cushion made of a fiber material made by DuPont. I tried it and I feel it is not as stiff as the aluminum alloy carrying system. It's soft and elastic. When bending over, there is no feeling of resistance to the aluminum alloy plate. The restoring force far exceeds the aluminum alloy plate, because the aluminum alloy plate of many backpacks will be deformed and deformed after being pressed for a long time, which will seriously affect the comfort of the back. Then there are other common piggy-back designs. The feeling is similar to the BIGPACK's CR and MOUNTAINSMITH's APS.

K is a very special SA intelligent adjustable piggyback system, which is the most creative design I have seen in the piggyback system. Its piggy back system continues the debugging of the aluminum alloy as a whole, but the most important thing is that its adjustment method is to adjust it according to the weight of the backpack after it is on the back of the backpack. Instead of a regular backpack, you have to adjust your back and feel uncomfortable on your back. You should put your backpack down and adjust it later. SA has a revolutionary design. After carrying the bottom cushion, left and right pull belts are left. The blue shoulder strap is marked with a blue stripe. After carrying the backpack back, no matter how many backpacks there are, the first requirement is to adjust the blue on the shoulder pad so as to press it on the most flat surface of the shoulder, that is, to take care of the shoulder first. Then pull the lower pull strap on the back pad to pull it down. In this way, the force point of the backpack can be automatically transferred to the upper part of the lumbar spine, which is the best bearing point of the human back. If it is another package, you must first pull out the carrying belt underneath the rear cushion, adjust it with your feeling, and then put your back on your back. Feeling unsuitable, you have to put down your backpack and adjust it again. Moreover, such adjustments are based on the feeling of being out of thin air, and it is impossible to rationally distribute the stress of the carrying system according to the weight of the backpack, especially for inexperienced beginners. The whole adjustment system of SA is adjusted according to its own body shape after the weight is back and upper body, one person can complete without assistance. This is probably the most characteristic selling point of the K package. In contrast, F’s is not as fresh as K’s.

Backpack material: top backpack, top price, nature is in addition to Cordura wear-resistant tear-resistant material. Kelvar breathable fabrics are also used. This material is mainly distributed in the backpack and the human body in close contact, easy to rub the sweat back pad. Equivalent to quick-drying fabrics, the purpose is to quickly dissipate the body's heat and keep the body dry. After I tried it, I felt that the fabric was still "cold." After exposure to the sun, Kelvar's temperature was significantly lower than that of cordura, and it was placed indoors. There was also a feeling of coldness. Especially on the back, after a long hike, the sweat on the back is less than the normal BIGPACK and JACKWOLFSKIN.

In addition F has a backpack, the end of the package is not the ordinary 1000D CORDURA, but VIBRAM synthetic rubber fiber fabric. Italy's VIBRAM soles are very famous. The bottom of this package is also famous. It feels like a lot of rubber balls are distributed on a fiber cloth. The wear-resistance and tear-proof degree may not be comparable to how many D's. CORDURA is now on the same day.

K uses SUPERMAX, a material similar to COOLMAX, and the body's breathable design is COOLMASH. On the webbing of the backpack, the overall belt of K is closer than F, especially in the small areas of details, the density of K is higher. And K's ribbon is also divided according to different uses of the color, such as the yellow is the pull-up adjustment belt, gray is the edge of the pressure belt ... ... When you pack your backpack, you can easily find the necessary backpack with color, will not be like Like other backpacks, they are black and crowded in a pile, often making fasteners the wrong object. Backpack fasteners and zippers: F uses DURAFLEX lobster clasps, which are tighter and stronger. Better than the WJ series fasteners. And this fastener is designed to be very rich, I believe that the foot should not break.

K does not continue to use the traditional DURAFLEX, although 70% of high-end backpacks use it. K's fasteners are self-designed arched buckles, like a key inserted into a keyhole. Relatively speaking, the surface pressure resistance of arches is the strongest, such as arch bridges. Therefore, although the thickness of a single face piece is not as large as that of DURAFLEX, K's arch bridge sockets have a higher hardness index than DURAFLEX.
I feel that K's arched buckle is a sign of resistance against other backpacks. It is naturally more reliable than DURAFLEX in terms of splitting force and pressure in all aspects. However, DURAFLEX's fasteners are flat and tight. Backpacking body and preventing the webbing from sliding to the left and right have their own advantages. And now DURAFLEX basically uses the lobster deduction to eliminate WJ series, STEAL series. May also want to challenge arched buckles in compression resistance.

It is worth noting that F's high-end bags all use waterproof zippers, that is, at the seams around the zipper, coated with a rubber film to resist water penetration. The K-Pack, I only saw a 35-liter, in the middle with a waterproof zipper. Although waterproof zipper is not new technology, it may not be noticed by everyone. Because before this, the waterproof zipper of the backpack is solved by the method of sewing with the fiber wrapping. However, the effect is not ideal, and it cannot withstand heavy rain.

As for the three-ply sewing on the backpack, reflective zipper, bag type design...K and F all take it out as a selling point. But I personally think that the habits of each person's backpack and the purpose of travel need to be different. Therefore, I would not comment on these things that I do not see.

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