- OUTDOOR RESEARCH brand officially entered the Chinese market

Originated In 1980, the American physicist Ron Gregg faced difficulties in mountain climbing on McKinley Peak. His climbing companions were invaded by the snow and ice to invade the high-altitude boots because of the use of a very bad snow jacket. The companion was eventually rescued by a helicopter and the mountaineering was suspended, but Ron immediately began to think of a solution to this problem, lest the tragedy be repeated in the future. As a result, a practical, warm snow jacket - the X-Gaiter was born, it can be used with a variety of hiking boots. With the advent of X-Gaiter products, Outdoor Research Corporation (OR) was established in 1981.

As the meaning of the name of OR, for more than two decades, Ron has been focusing on researching solutions and providing practical and functional equipment for outdoor sports enthusiasts to encounter various problems in the field, such as his early research and development of anti-knot. Ice bottle Water Bottle Parka and the first outdoor adventure soft pack.

In the first decade after the establishment of the company, OR was able to grow rapidly due to the development of outdoor gloves, hats and snow jackets. In 1984, Modular Mitts again caused a sensation in the industry, with a Velcro-fastened Moonlite Pile fleece lining, a GORE-TEX outer casing, a “fool-proof sling” to prevent the loss of gloves, and versatile design for adapting to changing environments. To make it beyond the other fingerless gloves of the time, multi-day action climbers can dry their glove liners at night, and they can wear dry gloves during daytime climbing operations. The Seattle Sombrero weatherproof wide-brimmed hat, which was introduced in the mid-1980s, is OR's best-selling GORE-TEX fabric hat and is still a classic product still produced today. The Brooks Ranger Overboots, which was introduced in 1988, has been accompanied by numerous explorers for 20 years to challenge the world's peaks and extreme cold conditions.

Growing Up In the 1990s, OR extended its innovative reach to new areas. Ron spent several nights with wet and uncomfortable bags on a trip and was determined to innovate this lightweight camping equipment. OR's camping bag uses a two-bar system to provide multiple spaces, including the head to see the location of the stars. This is where people with habitual insomnia in the field should be happy.

Other OR products for outdoor enthusiasts are Crocodiles snow jackets, waterproof bags, Wild Roses women's functional clothing, Soft Shell gloves, and North America's earliest Soft Shell coats. And WINDSTOPPER fleece hat.

With the increase in business volume, OR moved its factories and offices to Seattle, an “outdoor brand” near Seattle, and opened a retail store that showcased a full range of products. In the early 1990s, the U.S. government took note of OR's expertise and R&D capabilities, and OR immediately became a supplier of high-quality gloves and hats for the U.S. military.

At the turn of the century, OR ushered in an important stage of product structure adjustment, with men's clothing series, outdoor accessories series and lightweight camping product line. After more than two decades, OR has grown into a trusted outdoor brand in the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts around the world. The new apparel products make OR an important step forward. OR is no longer confined to producing the world's top outdoor accessories, but provides top-to-bottom, inside-out, functionality and comfort for the majority of users. Great product.

Setbacks On March 17, 2003, Ron and a friend suffered an avalanche while skiing in the British Columbia area of ​​Canada. Bad news came and shocked his family, friends, OR team, consumers, and industry. As a core leader, Ron founded, operated, and influenced his OR company. Even on the day of the avalanche, Ron was testing new products. His death made OR's future confusing.

After several months of trade-offs, Ron’s heir apparent decided to sell OR. Among the many interested buyers, an outdoor sports enthusiast and successful entrepreneur decided to accept the challenge of continuing to write OR's new glorious history. He is Dan Nordstrom, a Seattle native who has just retired from his famous North American retail family business. He is a hardcore skier, rider, mountaineer, and hardcore OR product user. In June 2003, Dan Nordstrom became the new owner of OR. In times of crisis, OR escaped the outcome of being swallowed up by a giant company, and the passion for innovation and outdoor pedigrees were maintained and developed.

Rejuvenation Under the leadership of Dan, OR has revived through a brief trough, and the key to this is the persistence of passion and dedication that Ron had pioneered to provide truly functional solutions for human outdoor adventures. Since the summer of 2003, all OR departments have made adjustments and optimizations from product development to customer service to marketing, logistics, and so on. All product categories have been completely separated, classic products have been upgraded and improved, and Seattle Sombrero has won BACKPACKER Magazine's 2005 Editor's Choice Award, along with many second-generation classics such as Alti Mitts, Alibi Gloves, and DryComp Summit Sack. NightHaven, LightHaven, M's Chaos Jacket, M's Zealot Jacket, W's Enigma Jacket and W's Solitude Pants. Men's and women's wear are unified under the OR brand and become the focus of the company's R&D.

In 2003, OR began implementing the Lab Rat program for users. This set up a communication channel between product developers and end-users. Thousands of users submitted their experience of using their own OR products. This has greatly influenced the development trend of OR products. According to numerous feedbacks, independent products have been improved and series products have also been developed. The success of the Lab Rat program represents an important concept that OR insists on: We believe that by listening to and adopting every true and clear opinion of the user on each product, our products can be improved indefinitely.

At the heart of OR's brand philosophy is Designed By Adventure, which demonstrates the functionality of OR products.
OR's glory will also continue.

In the winter of 2008, the OR brand officially entered the Chinese market. Shenzhen Himalaya Trading Co., Ltd., as the general agent of OR China, set up an OR product counter in Beijing first, and will expand it extensively in the industry channels to bring OR brands and products to the market. Brilliantly extended to the Chinese market.

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