In order to improve the control of the central feeding system, Piovan successfully developed the Easy2System system. The system control adopts a professional design and integrates various functions into the delivery system. Through a single keyboard, it can manage various scales of systems, control up to 8 silos (indoor and outdoor) or storage hoppers, 4 automatic coupling stations, 1 manual coupling station, 4 reversing valves, 47 pellet receivers, 8 parts of the vacuum conveying system, depending on the production needs. The keyboard is the operating center of the system and can receive information from each plant (each plant is connected via a shared serial line) and sends function instructions to each plant. Thanks to its flexibility and the use of material distribution logic, the Easy2System system can manage systems of many types and sizes. The system is equipped with a control device that can be easily upgraded with the expansion of the production system.

The system has been installed at the Eurimp production plant. The company specializes in the production of automobiles, telephones and lighting fixtures. The injection molding zone uses a variety of engineering plastics and elastomers to produce inserts and other components. Here, there are 14 injection molding machines (30-1100 tons) and two two-component production machines.

The keyboard is equipped with Easy2System logic system, which becomes the core of the feeding of 16 processing equipments. Among them, the feeding system consists of 18 pellet receiving devices of various specifications, with a maximum capacity of 50 liters. In addition to rubber being stored by the injection machine, various materials are vacuum-transported through stainless steel tubes to avoid contamination, impurities and dust. In order to realize the rationalization of the production workshop, the material pipeline extends from the intermediate floor drying station to the coupling station, and then returns upwards, feeding the presses after sorting. The coupling station can quickly dispense various ingredients (can also be done by clockwise or counterclockwise rotation).

Centralized management of plastic granules by means of a central management system can avoid contamination and also avoid the formation of defects through defects in the final parts. The production plant has realized process automation at all levels in order to increase production speed and make system management more flexible. This kind of production usually has small batches and requires frequent replacement of molds and materials. Therefore, flexibility is the most basic requirement. After achieving centralized operation of auxiliary systems, customers can significantly reduce costs, reduce staffing, and increase production efficiency and product quality.

Another Piovan system is the Win Feeding System software. With this software, one or more Easy2System systems can be managed on a single computer, enabling end users to achieve tangible benefits. First, each system can be monitored through a single screen and the desired system can be selected from the homepage to control the components included in the system. With the "Material Tracking Log" function, you can track the material path and the time the material was retained from the initial point to the final destination, and then classify the results. When the dry material is distributed to each press, the automatic alarm system checks the dry quality to indicate whether the material residence time in the hopper is suitable for use. The software also checks that the selected material is compatible with the specified mold so that dispensing errors can be avoided.

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