We have always advocated the skin care principles and attitudes of “preventing greater than repair” to protect the skin from radiation . With the increase of age and the destruction of the environment, the skin's own natural protective barrier is gradually weakened, and the resistance and repair ability are gradually reduced.
8:00-19:00 Establishing pollution barriers Many women who love beauty are beginning to realize that even if they only work indoors, daily sunscreen isolation is still necessary because of UV penetration, lighting and computer radiation. It will have an impact on skin health. Compared with sunscreen products, the daily-use products with protective effect can not only protect against UV rays, but also isolate makeup and dirty air. In addition, the addition of moisturizing, oil control, whitening, touch-up, anti-oxidation, repair and other ingredients enhances the added value of the product and can be freely selected according to different needs.
Product recommendation: Olay Olay Oil Light Transparency Protection Sunscreen SPF30 PA+++ 150 RMB/40 ml

"Prevention of greater than repair" skin care principles

The new Olay Olay Oil is a sunscreen lotion (SPF30, PA+++), which is called the all-purpose sunscreen king. The product is unique in leading sunscreen technology, bringing more powerful sunscreen isolation, longer lasting protection, lighter and lighter texture, and all-round defense of white skin. The new Olay Olay Oil Lightning Protection Sunscreen is the leading sunscreen technology in Asia. The unique new broad-spectrum sunscreen component TINOSORB M & TINOSORB S, the breakthrough reflection, scattering, absorption triple protection, with efficient UV protection; Olay first oil Separate two formulas, reduce oil, add air permeability, make the product light and thin, let the skin breathe freely; new waterproof and anti-sweat formula, up to 10 hours of ultra-efficient protection. The new Olay Olay is a light-protecting sunscreen lotion that allows you to enjoy a more powerful, longer lasting, lighter and lighter all-weather sunscreen.

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