[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The solid wood wardrobe on the wardrobe market is dazzling, so how do you buy a real solid wood wardrobe inside?

First of all, seriously ask whether the wardrobe is "all solid wood", where the MDF is used;

Secondly, look at the pattern on the surface of the main material such as the cabinet door and the side panel, and whether the knot is inside or outside. If necessary, buckle it to see if the surface is pasted. Knocking a few times on the wooden surface, the solid wood pieces give a crisper sound, while the wood-based panels sound low.

The last and most important thing is to smell the wardrobe. Most wood has the aroma of tree species, pine has a rosin taste, cedar has a light fragrance, and eucalyptus has a distinct eucalyptus taste... but fiberboard and MDF have a strong pungent odor, especially at the door or Inside the drawer, the two are easier to distinguish.

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