In the decoration printing process, some color printing products such as trademarks, packaging materials, book covers, etc., in order to highlight the creativity of the printed matter and show the beauty of the product, often use cross-color printing process to improve the visual effect and art of the printed matter Level.

The so-called cross-color printing mechanism / organization is to use the same background color plate to print two or more colors of ink at different positions on its horizontal layout. That is, in the ink fountain, according to the design requirements of the printed manuscript, it is separated by molds, and then the inks of the respective colors are placed in the ink fountains corresponding to the colors of different layouts. In this way, after the ink fountain rotates, all colors of ink can be output at the same time, and under the action of the tandem roller, the adjacent borders of each color of ink are mixed with each other, and after passing to the layout, a beautiful color with a natural tone scale boundary is formed, so that the printed product is inked Excessive layers of depth also achieve a more natural effect. This process effect of achieving multiple colors in one printing is the plate cross-color printing process. It is also called "differentiated color" printing, or "printed color" printing process, and so on.

The cross-color printing process originated from the extension of the round flattening machine of letterpress printing. Later, the offset printing machine also adopted this printing process, making the application range of this process continue to expand, so as to play a better effect in decoration printing. Because the process can reach a variety of different colors in one printing, its process level is no less than the visual effect and process level of multi-color overprinting and overprinting. In addition, due to the convenient application method of the process, high printing efficiency, low product cost and excellent quality, it is welcomed by many customers.

The advantages of this process are obvious, so how to print cross-color printing products? First, a mold must be made to isolate the ink. Because the ink has a certain fluidity and permeability, when each color ink is placed in the separation section of the ink fountain, a special mold should be used to better separate the adjacent ink to prevent the adjacent ink from rotating when the ink fountain rotates , Mutual penetration, tandem and change the hue of the ink, affecting the printing color effect. Therefore, the mold for isolating ink should be filled with soft lead. The method is: when pouring, first cut a piece of cardboard with an approximate triangle shape (one side is a curved side) corresponding to the ink fountain steel sheet and iron roller with thick cardboard, and then put this model into the ink fountain On the side, make the curved edge stick to the arc surface of the iron roller, then adjust the distance between it and the iron plate on the side of the ink fountain according to the required thickness mechanism / organization, and then pour the molten lead into the separation side, to be solidified After that, it becomes a "color-isolated" mold. The greater the thickness of the mold that separates the ink, the more the mixed color area between the two colors becomes larger. Therefore, the thickness of the mold and the amount of ink cross-linking are directly related to the depth of engagement between the two colors. Therefore, when printing cross-color plates, the cross-ink spacing and the thickness specifications of the mold should be adjusted according to the cross-color spacing of the original design, so that the cross-color prints that meet the original design requirements can be printed.

In order to print a cross-color plate product, in addition to carefully controlling the process, the operating technical specifications are also very important. It is an important link related to printing efficiency and product quality. When installing the plate, the printing pressure must be adjusted evenly and solid, so that the plate surface can receive ink evenly and ensure the normal transfer of the ink layer. Therefore, it is best to use metallic materials such as aluminum or cast iron for the bottom plate of the printing plate. In this way, the printing pressure is not easy to change and the ink color is more stable during the imprinting process. This is one aspect. On the other hand, it is necessary to adjust the amount of ink. The inks of all colors in the ink fountain should be spread out evenly, so as to avoid inconsistent "cross-color" marks in the longitudinal direction of the layout and affect the product quality. In addition, the degree of contact between the ink rollers and the height of the inking rollers should be adjusted. In this way, we can make the cross-color plate products maintain the uniform ink color, and the color depth of the mixed color section between the cross-colors is too natural, which makes people not only look at exquisite prints, but also a feeling of artwork.

The cross-color printing process requires that all ink colors should be uniform and soft, and the ink layer should not be lighter, otherwise, the color effect will decline and the cross-color process will lose its meaning. As long as the production process technology is carefully controlled and the production process is continuously optimized, the cross-color plate product can display its unique artistic value, thereby better playing its due role in the packaging and decoration printing process.

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