When you walk for half a day and go to the rock to prepare for a climb and suddenly discover that you and your partner have forgotten to bring the protector, what should you do?
When everyone goes down along the ropes, the coach says you, and you find that the drop device is lost. How do you go home this time?
Don't be afraid, you only need to learn half knots in Italy.

7.1 Italian Half Hat also known as MunterHitch

If you need to carry out climbing protection (the protector puts Italy's semi-knot on the body's main buckle) or descend along the single rope, it is customary for the right-hand mountaineer to hung the pear-shaped main lock on the main harness of the seat belt. Buckle gate to the left.

The rope is turned in a circle, and the climber (or descent guard point) on the top is marked with a force rope section and below the brake rope section.

Stack the loop up and fold the rope above the rope section

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TPU Leather

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer rubber. (60HA-85HD), wear-resistant, oil-resistant, transparent, good elasticity, in the daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, decorative materials and other fields have been widely used in the field of polyester and polyester, Halogen-free flame retardant TPU can also replace the soft PVC to meet more and more areas of environmental requirements.

The so-called elastomer refers to the glass transition temperature is lower than the room temperature, elongation at break> 50%, external recovery after recovery is better polymer materials. Polyurethane elastomers are a special category of elastomers. The polyurethane elastomers have a wide range of hardness and a wide range of properties. Therefore, polyurethane elastomers are a kind of polymer material between rubber and plastic.

Can be heated plasticized, chemical structure is not or rarely cross-linked, the molecules are basically linear, but there is a certain physical cross-linking. This type of polyurethane is called TPU.

The main features of TPU are:
Hardness range: by changing the TPU reaction components of the ratio, you can get different hardness of the product, and with the increase in hardness, its products still maintain good flexibility and wear resistance.
High mechanical strength: TPU products carrying capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance.
Cold resistance highlights: TPU glass transition temperature is relatively low, at minus 35 degrees still maintain good flexibility, flexibility and other physical properties.
Good processing performance: TPU can be a common thermoplastic materials processing methods, such as injection molding, extrusion, rolling and so on. At the same time, TPU and some polymer materials can be co-processing performance of complementary polymer alloy.
Oil, water, resistant to mold.
Good recycling efficiency.

TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane, polyester and polyether type, it is a wide range of hardness (60A-85D), wear, oil, transparent, good elasticity, in daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, decorative materials and other fields are widely Application, halogen-free flame retardant TPU can also replace the soft PVC to meet the environmental requirements of more and more areas.

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Tpu Leather

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