Recently, Shandong Dongying Inspection and Quarantine Bureau carried out risk investigations on more than 10 wooden furniture export enterprises within its jurisdiction, focusing on heavy metals, such as paints, adhesives, artificial boards, leather and sponges, which are involved in safety, hygiene and environmental protection requirements. Monitoring of formaldehyde, flame retardant and other items.

Through investigation, the inspection and quarantine personnel found four problems: First, some enterprises have insufficient quality and safety awareness, only pay attention to external factors such as appearance and style, and neglect the monitoring of toxic and hazardous substances involved in safety, health and environmental protection requirements. Second, some enterprises lacked the test conformity report provided by the suppliers of raw and auxiliary materials. The key raw materials were not tested and verified after entering the factory. Third, key control points such as sanding, painting, etc. are weakly controlled, lacking clear operational specifications and requirements, and there are risk loopholes in the inherent quality of the product. Fourth, personnel from foreign trade, procurement, and laboratories are unfamiliar with the relevant importing country standards and regulations, and there are high risks in order taking, procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, and inspection.

In response to the problems found in the investigation, the Dongying Inspection and Quarantine Bureau responded quickly and concentrated on rectification: taking on-site visits and holding a case analysis meeting to help enterprises analyze foreign standards for wooden furniture and improve the quality and safety awareness of corporate leaders; The raw and auxiliary materials control requires the enterprise to provide the raw material testing qualification report issued by the CNAS accredited laboratory. For the unsatisfiable, timely proof and inspection; help the enterprise to solve the problems in the key process control, raw material testing, etc.; Improve the quality of enterprise personnel and promote product quality.

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