Sidel's latest FMm filling machine was developed specifically for the filling of pasteurized milk, ESL milk (extended shelf life milk), LDP (liquid dairy products) and sensitive products. It can extend the longest shelf life on the cold chain to 90 days.

As a very, very flexible machine, the Sidel FMm filling machine can handle plastic bottles of different materials (PET, HDPE are available) in sizes from 100 ml to 2 liters and can fill 6,000 to 50,000 bottles per hour. There are 24, 36, 50, 54, 60 filling valves and other different specifications to choose from.

When filling, there is no contact between the filling valve and the bottle, and 60 grams of pulp can be filled per liter. After the product is processed, it will be poured into the filling trough from the top. By gravity flowing out of the filling slot nozzles, the pneumatic flow meter controls the flow and ensures a very precise filling volume.

For foam products, such as low-fat milk, fill at two different speeds. Only open the filling valve when the filling starts and ends. During this time, the product will flow into the bottle at maximum speed. The entire system can be fully automated.

At the end, the remaining product will be discharged into a tray through a set of filling nozzles and then processed again for the next round of production.

Source: Packaging Machinery

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds has two style that Motorized and Manual. The fabric style and Openness can be choose by yourself. It is can be keep warm and energy saving: In the Winter, you can open whole Roller Blinds during the daytime. Ensure the Max Light enter the room.Raise the air temprature of indoor. It is also a good protective screen to prevent the cold wind at night. Saving heating energy consumption. In the Summer, can regulate the amount of incident sunlight through the Roller Blinds System. Reduce the heat enter, coupled with natural ventilation, reduce cooling load. High strength, high density material, It is can't open from outside when the shutter closed to protect personal privacy, improve the quality of lift. Soundproof and noise reducing. if you prefer a look that`s sleek and neat, consider a Roller blind. These can be made with clever blackout coatings that effectively help to block out the light for a perfect night`s rest.

Roller Blinds

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