[ Chinese wardrobe network ] There are more and more small and medium-sized houses, of which the bedroom area is mostly 8-20 square meters. To buy a good wardrobe in this limited space, which aspects should I start with?

Wardrobe purchase

First, choose the size. Usually the height of the wardrobe is between 2.2m and 2.45m, and it can also be customized according to the height of the bedroom, so that the space can be fully utilized. For small and medium-sized bedrooms, 3-door, 4-door and sliding door wardrobes are more common, and the width is less than 1.86m. However, the edge of the closet should be 20cm-30cm away from the bedroom door, and the door should be at least 60cm away from the bed to meet the activity space.

Second, choose color. For relatively cramped bedroom spaces, large doors are suitable for soft, bright colors and contrast with walls and floors. If the floor is darker in color, then the same color furniture will not be layered, even a little depressed; and the lighter or even white Jane-European, modern wardrobe will look clean and neat.

Third, choose security. The overall wardrobe is now basically E1 grade wood-based panels. As with other bedroom furniture such as floors, formaldehyde is released. However, due to the large size and large surface area of ​​the overall wardrobe, it is the main source of formaldehyde emission in the bedroom. In order to prevent the accumulation of formaldehyde formed by the joint release of several furniture in the bedroom, the selection of wardrobes with higher environmental standards has become a popular trend.

Conditional families can choose a healthy wardrobe with zero formaldehyde level. This kind of wardrobe is usually made of domestic famous zero-formaldehyde sheet--Wanhua Hexiang board. Thanks to the special adhesive technology, this kind of sheet can completely eliminate formaldehyde and can ensure the air safety of the bedroom.

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