I believe everyone knows how to make Smick tiles . Smic tiles have always been consumed in China. The main reason is that it is made of natural stone and fired at high temperature. The surface of the tile is delicate and delicate. You can feel the smoothness and delicateness by gently touching the surface with your hands. Next, let's understand how Smick tiles and the recommended price of Smick tiles.

How about Smick tiles

Many technologies of Smick ceramic tiles are superior to national standards. The self-developed and promoted internal and external wall dry hanging, hanging product and anti-static floor are unanimously loved by the majority of users. A total of more than 30 ceramic tile varieties have obtained national patents. Magnetic board is the first in China.

Smick Ceramics introduced a full set of professional ceramic tile production lines from Italy, intelligent simulation production equipment, materials without radiation, and its products are natural and bright. It is also a "green building material" product tested and qualified by the national authority.

Smick tile price recommendation

1. Smick VFLT13N wall tiles

Smick VFLT13N wall tiles are Smick 250 * 330mm standard glazed bricks. The main brick is beige light pattern sub-surface brick, which is fresh and elegant. The highlight of this brick is the design of the plain brick. Breaking through the traditional effect of plain bricks in the past, the wallpaper style that is very popular today is used, with floral patterns to create a romantic pastoral feeling. The price of this Smick tile is recommended: ï¿¥ 103.80 yuan / piece.

2. Smick Civilized Stone Series VFEK63N Glazed Brick

The Smyk civilization stone series VFEK63N glazed brick is a crystal stone of 300 * 450mm size, which is suitable for bathroom space in homes or public places. It is based on natural marble texture and decorative patterns in the medieval period, showing a simple and classic atmosphere. Low-key, unassuming is another kind of eternity. Abandoning the glory, creating a new era of space temperament, presenting an excellent bathroom space with a very modern style. The price of this Smick tile is recommended: ï¿¥ 18.00 yuan / piece.

3. SMIC Colorful Series VCK774NP Rosemary Tile

The SMIC bin series VCK774NP rosemary tile is one of the SMIC bin series. The warm tone of pink and beige looks very comfortable. The pattern of this tile is rosemary. Rosemary is also known as the rose of the Virgin Mary. This Sick rosemary series wall tile is a warm home product designed for urban women. Warm petal tiles not only have the texture and texture of wallpaper, but also are more durable and easy to take care of. The price of this Smick tile is recommended: ï¿¥ 105.50 yuan / piece.

Editor's summary: This is the introduction of Smick tiles and the price recommendation of Smick tiles. For more information, you can follow the information on this website.

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