Nokii Instruments Co., Ltd. is a "customer-driven" enterprise formed by a group of middle-aged and young people with advanced education, excellent quality and rich experience. The company has independent legal personality and is an economic entity integrating science, industry and trade.

Based on bit-by-bit accumulation, step-by-step expansion and persevering pursuit, Nokia Group has adopted the basic principle of "customer-centric and customer satisfaction" and has become a company that produces and distributes various advanced domestic scientific equipment and instruments , Experimental instruments, etc. Since the establishment of the company, since it has always abided by its credit and sincerely served its customers, it has received strong support and attention from people from all walks of life and has established good long-term cooperative relations with these industries.

Visible spectrophotometer is an analysis method based on the selective absorption characteristics of different substances to a certain wavelength of monochromatic light. The instrument has a built-in microcomputer to realize human-machine dialogue, simple operation, perfect function, and ultraviolet spectrophotometer can be widely used in petroleum , Chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, teaching, material science and other fields, is an indispensable analytical testing instrument for scientific research, production, teaching.

Our company is looking for agents in various regions for the above optical spectrum instruments

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