British scientists have recently developed a brand new "X-ray glasses" technology, which can be used to identify whether criminals are carrying guns and knives to protect the police or others from dangerous attacks. Scientists have created a prototype scanner that can use electromagnetic waves to capture the refraction of hidden guns, barrels, or knives without having to come close to these items. The system also utilizes neural network technology-the same technology applied to the vehicle license plate recognition system, it can identify weapons and ignore everyday objects carried by suspects. At the same time, the system is harmless, that is, it does not image the main body of the object.

The research work was designed by scientists and researchers from the University of Newcastle, Manchester Metropolitan University and Queen Mary ’s College. Tian Guiyun, a professor at the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering at Newcastle University, said that this is the first time a technology has been developed that can identify hidden weapons and identify their carriers.

Tian Guiyun explained: "The misuse of guns and knives has become a critical issue that jeopardizes public safety. Existing systems are very limited. They can identify metal objects, but they cannot determine what they are. Our new sensors can provide a wider range Certainty. "

Catherine Coates, Innovation Director of the Engineering and Natural Sciences Research Council, said: "This device can save lives and save the precious time the police now spend on detecting guns and knives. This represents a huge investment in public research Nick Bowring, the principal investigator of the project and a professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, added: "This device means that the British police are leading the world in accurately locating guns and knives while preventing themselves from being attacked."

Stuart Ibbotson, head of engineering at the London City Police, warned: "The technology deviates from the operational capabilities to some extent, but the results achieved so far are encouraging." He added, "This device can be used by staff. Provide a great service ... It can also help determine the target of interception search to further improve its effectiveness. "

The Operational Technology Division of the City Police Department is testing the device to determine how it can be used in actual work. If the test is successful, the British police will use the final product within two years and promote it to the world.

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