MM who knows makeup knows that eyelashes can add to the charm of the eyes. Oriental eyelashes are generally soft and short, and not so curly. Imagine the long eyelashes that look like Barbie dolls. It seems that in addition to mascara and false eyelashes. There is no other way. In fact, there is also a "hidden rule" that can be applied - planting eyelashes with your own hair follicles.

Teach you to build Barbie


Simulation eyelash grafting, true and false eyelashes "combined" similar items if you only pursue "have ever owned" - artificial eyelash grafting, true and false eyelashes "combined" similar features: fast and convenient, affordable from Shu Uemura eyelash bar exhibition A variety of false eyelashes, to the first Latisse formula to promote eyelash growth approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The artificial eyelashes were planted around their own eyelashes, and only a few years ago they were exclusive to big stars and beauty professionals. But in the blink of an eye, it has become a beauty method that everyone is actively trying. It's as simple as cutting hair, no wonder to go from a girl to a mature woman. The “planting” work officially started. The beautician selected the appropriate false eyelashes according to the degree of density, length and eyelashes of the customer's eyelashes, and glued them to the real eyelashes with a special waterproof glue. The grafted eyelashes are usually maintained for about one month and need to be pasted regularly.
Many spas and beauty salons offer a service to increase eyelashes by adding one or more artificial eyelashes to their own eyelashes. The cost of enjoying this service in the country is far lower than that of foreign countries. The formal route is only 500 to 700 yuan, while the United States needs an average of 300 dollars.
Daren trial Q&A
Q: How long can I spend on artificial eyelashes? Will it hurt your own eyelashes and eye skin?
A: If you are properly cared for, don't rub your eyes, do it with gentle mascara when you wash your face. Grafted eyelashes can last for two weeks to a month. Since the eye is a sensitive part, although the false eyelashes used for regular grafting are processed from imported bristles, after all, containing chemicals, together with grafting glue, will stimulate the skin around the eyes, causing some of the true eyelashes to fall off.
Q: I heard that the glue used for planting is also divided into domestic and imported goods. Is there any particularity?
A: Usually imported glue will cost about 100 yuan more than domestic glue, which can extend the firmness of the simulated eyelashes. In fact, this has nothing to do with the glue, which is mainly caused by the new metabolism of the eyelashes. However, the imported glue has a relatively small irritation to the eyes and does not feel so stinging.
If you want to "last forever" - self-made eyelash planting, hair support features: permanent thick, no side effects, this eyelash implant uses the surgeon's own hair, each side of the eyelash can be implanted 40-50 hair follicles . Eyelash cultivation is carried out under local anesthesia, which takes about two hours. During the operation, the professional physician takes out the healthy hair follicle tissue of the back of the ear or the back of the occiput by microsurgery, and then divides it into several tiny units with healthy hair follicles, and implants the divided hair with professional instruments. In the eyelids, the effect of enriching and encrypting the eyelashes is achieved. The transplanted hair is its own hair, so the survival rate is high, generally more than 95%. Although the hair transplant surgery is not painful, it can go home after surgery. However, avoid the water on the surgical site within one week after the eyelash implantation operation, and wash the hair after four days, but do not overweight the hair. About 5 days after the eyelash implantation surgery, the swelling period is about 3-4 days with ice, which is convenient for swelling. Try to avoid rubbing your eyelids with your hands within two weeks to prevent the hair follicles from falling.

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