When you are ready to spend the night in the wild, you may use tents, sleeping bags, waterproofing, snow caves or refuge huts, and tents are the most common way because they are easy to erect, rainproof, re-use, privacy, and can be set up at any time Location, and wind and sun protection, there is enough space inside to provide climbers with their placement equipment, it is naturally heavier and higher prices, although the sleeping bag can not support heavy rain and its space is quite narrow, but generally alpine climbers like to use The bag, because it is lightweight, can move fast. If you use tarpaulins and uncover bags, you can increase your ability to protect yourself. Snowstorms or blizzards increase the difficulty and time spent on tent construction. Document.write("");ad_dst = ad_dst+1;

You need to choose tents according to your own use, such as 1. summer, non-snow, snow or seasons, 2. the upper or lower limit of the forest boundary, 3. the number of people in the tent, 4. the space you wish to have, 5. The weight of the tent, 6. The price you can accept, the manufacturer offers a number of different sizes, a combination of weight and design, how to choose your own need to see the catalog, equipment stores, funding friends, and friends around the camp, whether using the tent is a single Layers or double layers, you must understand the waterproof and air permeability of the account cloth. If it is completely waterproof, moisture will condense on the inside of the account and cause a small puddle at the bottom. This moisture is generated from the exhalation of the climber, and it may also be Drenched sleeping bag.

Single-layer cheap tents are used. These tents can only be used at the lower forest floor. They must also be quite airy because they are completely waterproof and airtight. Therefore, it is best to choose a double-deck tent. The inside account must not be waterproof and breathable. The outside account is a completely waterproof plastic cloth. Therefore, the outside account will still retain the moisture inside the account. The inside and outside accounts must not be touched. Or stick together, because stick together will make the water in the external account penetrate into the internal account, while the external account must completely cover the internal account and the entrance and exit. Sometimes a waterproof cloth can be placed on the bottom layer to prevent the moisture from penetrating, keep the bottom layer clean and increase. Service life.

Different tent designs have different degrees of support, and consideration must be given to their use when purchasing, and snow is particularly important.

Lightweight tents are the goal of everyone, but whether the tents have enough space and strength to meet some special needs, so consider the bottom area, equipment storage, strength, against the harsh weather conditions, of course, its price is different.

Usually the two accounts are the most commonly used tents because they are easy to carry and are good for camping, even if three people or single persons can live.

The color of the tent is best selected in warm colors such as yellow, orange, or red. When you can't move, the prominent color can be easily distinguished and found not easily confused with the color of the landscape.

The tent design of different manufacturers is mainly the detailed structure such as the zipper of the door, the camp column, the space inside and outside the tent, and the ventilation condition or the design of the mosquito net.

Avoid accidents in the tents, especially the use of white gas stoves, its pungent odor, spilled fuel oil, firepower is uncontrollable are all hidden dangers, especially in the waterproof nylon cloth tents often have a feeling of suffocation while anecdotal It will cause a lot of small water droplets in the account. If it is really necessary to go inside the tent, it is best to move between the inner and outer accounts with good ventilation or during the warm-up process before going into the tent.

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