In the production of gravure printing, due to the evaporation of the solvent in the ink tank, the uniformity of the ink is reduced, and the surface is easy to form ink skin and ink sticks. After the plate roller is attached, the scraper is not easy to scrape clean, which causes the printed product to paste, cut lines defect. To solve this problem, as long as the ink "flows" and keeps mixing, it will naturally be avoided.

There are two ways to make the ink move. One is to use the ink circulation pump to circulate the ink; the other is to place the stirring rod in the ink tank to make the ink flow in the ink tank. The former is the external circulation of ink, which has high cost and increases the factors of failure. It is generally matched with the addition of solvents and the automatic viscosity control system, which is not included in this article. From the perspective of making the ink uniform, the latter is the most economical and effective measure.

The ink stirring rod is generally a rod made of aluminum alloy, with continuous spiral protrusions on the surface, so-called "corrugated" or unfolding lines, and magnetic materials at both ends, which can be adsorbed on the plate roller. During printing, the ink stirring rod floats on the surface of the ink, and when the plate roller rotates, it rotates in the opposite direction by the suction. When rotating, the corrugation drives the surface layer of the ink, allowing the surface layer of ink to move, so that the ink is evenly distributed to avoid the corresponding quality problems of the printed product.

There are two main points in determining the quality of the ink stick:

1. Effect

The ink stirring of the ink stirring rod mainly depends on the unfolding line, the so-called ripple, and its size, angle, structure and rotation speed of the ink stirring rod determine the ink stirring effect. Generally speaking, the faster the stirrer speed, the better the stirrer effect. The larger the unfolding line, the larger the angle and the better the ink stirring effect. However, the unfolding line is too large, the magnet part is far away from the plate roller, the magnetic force is weakened, it is not easy to attract, the speed of the ink stirring rod is reduced (lost rotation), but the effect is poor.

2. Life

The ink stirring rod is generally hollow because it needs to float on the surface of the ink. If the seal leaks, the solvent enters the inside of the ink stirring rod and will sink and lose the stirring effect, so the seals at both ends should be resistant to corrosion. In addition, the surface wear resistance is better.

Currently, commercially available ink stir sticks generally have the following types:

1. Plastic stirring rod

Common in imported products, the surface is made of abrasion-resistant plastic sheet, and the paper core is used internally. The quality is quite good, and the price is relatively high, generally about 1,000 yuan per meter. It is said that some people in China have faked it, but because there is no better wear-resistant plastic material, the life is relatively poor. In addition, the ink stirring effect is not very good.

2. Rope stirring ink stick

Generally made of general-purpose aluminum tube, the surface is wrapped with a wire rope for unwinding. This type of product has two defects: â‘  Because the wire rope is wound, the angle of the unwinding wire is relatively small, â‘¡ The wire rope will impregnate the ink, when changing the ink color Not easy to clean.

3. Single-line aluminum alloy corrugated ink stick

The structure is the same as the rope stirring rod, except that the rope is changed to an aluminum alloy spiral protrusion, because there is only one unfolding line, the angle is small, and the ink stirring effect is relatively poor.

4. Eight-line aluminum alloy corrugated ink stick

Aluminum alloy rotary extruded profile, with 8 unfolding lines on the surface and large angle, is currently the best product for stirring ink. In addition, this type of product is not only corrosion-resistant at both ends, but also has good wear resistance. If the iron debris and other debris adsorbed by the ink stirrer are cleaned in time, the life is generally 2-3 years, which really saves the manufacturer's uniformity. Ink cost. This is also the product currently selected by most color printing plants. At present, the LB-03 eight-strike ink stick of Beijing Landmec Company and the eight-strand ink stick of Guangxi are such products.

There is a question about the direction of the ink return of the eight-line corrugated ink stirring rod, but it is actually a question of whether the corrugation has an interface. If the left and right swirling waves meet in the middle, the ink will flow from the middle of the ink tank to the two ends or the two ends to the middle when working (need to reverse the placement direction); if the ink stirring rod is a flute (that is, there is no interface, regardless of left-handed and right-handed) , The ink will flow from one end of the ink tank to the other end when working. However, these two ink recirculation methods have basically no effect on the uniformity of the ink.

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