On June 26th, Mr. Xia bought a set of Balinese furniture at the counter of Zhongshan Huangchao. Due to the suspected room air formaldehyde over-standard furniture, he broke the furniture with the mall, but found all the solid wood furniture introduced by the shopping guide. Some of the components in the middle are non-solid wood, and the counters are required to return and compensate. This week, the “non-solid wood” incident of the famous furniture brand Dynasty furniture has aroused widespread concern from the industry and consumers;

Recently, the Dynasty Furniture Group held a media meeting in Guangzhou headquarters to explain and inform the disputes arising from the purchase of Dynasty furniture products by Mr. Xia. The person in charge of the dynasty’s furniture told reporters that the incident ended with the emperor’s compensation to the consumer and reached a final settlement; and promised that after this incident, the sales and shopping guides at all levels of the group will be strictly retrained, and Strengthen the self-test and inspection frequency of products, and control the quality of products.

The shopping guide is eager to deal with the misleading consumer dynasty and actively apologizes and compensates

It is reported that after the Royal Family Furniture Group learned of the incident, it first contacted the customer, informed the store and the dealer about the situation, and urged the dealer to deal with it carefully and properly. The marketing director of the Dynasty Furniture Group deeply regretted the occurrence of such incidents and apologized to the consumers, and said that they would learn from this. In response to the argument that Mr. Xia believes that the formaldehyde content of furniture exceeds the standard, Yin Hanpeng, manager of the Zhongshan Dynasty store, told reporters that the formaldehyde content in the air is affected by many factors, not necessarily from furniture. And Mr. Xia showed the inspection report of the series of products by the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong). The report shows that the formaldehyde emission of the product is 0.7mg/L, which is far lower than the national GB 18584-2001 The required standard for furniture formaldehyde content ≤ 1.5 / L.


Quality inspection report issued by Dynasty Furniture

Regarding whether the product is solid wood furniture, the reporter learned that according to the latest standard of wooden furniture published by the relevant state departments, solid wood furniture refers to the solid wood sawn timber or solid wood board as the substrate, and the surface is finished. Furniture; or the use of solid wood veneer (wood veneer) veneer on such substrates and then finishing the furniture, including all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, solid wood veneer furniture. However, because the new purchaser has less than one month of professional knowledge and eager to deal with, the interpretation of solid wood furniture as solid wood furniture has caused misunderstanding.

The matter caused the trouble and pressure on Mr. Xia, the sales staff of the Huangshan Furniture Zhongshan counter has already apologized to him, and the counter also reached a consensus with Mr. Xia on the return and compensation matters. In the agreement issued by the dynasty to the consumer Mr. Xia, it was stated that “the misunderstanding of the sales of the goods by Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s counters in the process of purchasing goods from Mr. Xia’s customers caused work and mental stress on Mr. Xia, Mr. Xia In good condition, all the royal counters were returned. The total amount of the refund for the Dynasty was 18050 yuan, and the compensation for Mr. Xia was 18,050 yuan, totaling 36,100 yuan."


The purchaser sent Mr. Xia’s letter of apology

More than 1,000 storefronts across the country self-examination and self-correction to further strengthen quality requirements and management practices

The head of the furniture of the dynasty said at the media meeting that the incident indicated that the dynasty still had certain flaws in internal management and staff regulation. After such a product quality dispute that had a negative impact on the brand, the dynasty would consider In addition to traditional training, we will strengthen the guidelines for shopping guides and guidance through other aspects, giving consumers more ways to ensure shopping safety. For example, through the official website of the dynasty, for example, through some brochures on the spot, try to avoid some simple human misleading. If the consumer is confused, you can find out the material of the product through the official website. Where is the production place? You can also use some of the posters in the store, the posters in the store, or Some product knowledge introductions to understand the entire structure and material composition of this product, from a multi-channel, multi-faceted guarantee of product promotion is seeking truth from facts, is fair.

At present, the dynasty group is conducting a self-examination and self-correction action in an all-round way to prevent violations of individual franchisees. In addition, the first-line dealer customers and shopping guides were trained in batch-by-region centralized product knowledge and standardized shopping guide services.

In addition, the person in charge also said that in addition to strengthening the testing of products, the Dynasty Group also increased the number of inspection batches and improved internal control standards to ensure the environmental protection of the Dynasty products. In addition to its role as the sole sponsor of the Universiade this year, the company continues to introduce new products to meet the needs of different consumer groups. After this incident, the high-level furniture of the dynasty has reached a consensus. Such a bad thing can also become a good thing. After introspection, the dynasty furniture will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of seeking truth from facts, high quality and environmental protection, and be responsible for it. Attitude, implement the core pursuit of “Imperial Furniture and My Home”, and welcome the inspectors of consumers and the media.

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