[ Chinese wardrobe network ] What is the style of this "beautiful turned over" wardrobe design? Today, the Chinese wardrobe net comes together to explore four European-style simple wardrobe designs, elegant and stylish appearance, powerful internal features, and can store complicated clothes. It’s orderly. Let’s take a look at these wardrobe designs!

European smart wardrobe design

European wardrobe design

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The closet has a chic pattern and simple lines, which give off an elegant atmosphere. Although the appearance is simple and generous, but under the simple appearance, it hides powerful functions. This wardrobe's fitting electronic screen is the most attractive to the beauty of the lady, as long as standing in front of the electronic screen, the portrait appears on the screen, then you can retrieve the clothes pre-stored in the system, and then easily move back and forth with gestures to get The best coincidence effect between clothes and portraits. In addition, the comprehensive use of drawer fingerprint locks, remote-controlled box-side security locks, touch-sensitive aisle doors, smart lifting clothes rails, etc., highlights the wardrobe's advancing with the times, humanity can be seen everywhere, bringing a lot of convenience to life.

European style pull-out wardrobe design

Smart wardrobe design

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The unique design with gold-tone trim illuminates the entire wardrobe, and the elegance reflects the noble temperament. The interior of the wardrobe is designed with the same style of inner and siding, and the interior is the same, creating a unified and elegant sense of elegance. The functional area of ​​the cloakroom is well-defined and well-designed, and the external pull-out can use every blank area in place without leaving a dead angle. The pull-out version allows for the placement of expensive shoes that are not often worn, as well as clean bath towels. By layering, the clothes look patchy. In such an elegant and orderly cloakroom, the mood will be more pleasant.

Polyester Work Wear

Polyester Work Wear

1.Environmental protection, non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free

2.Long-lasting plasticity, recyclable

3.Does not deform or fade

4.Anti-UV and fire resistant

5.Good low temperature flexibility

6.Effectively resistant to harmful chemicals and industrial pollutants

7.The seam is formed by hot air welding, which is firm and reliable, and has long-term weld ability.

8.Smooth surface, not easy to stain, no need to clean

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