At present, the most common types of outer box materials for the high and low temperature test chambers prevailing in the ring test industry are high-quality A3 steel plates with spray-coated surfaces; pure mirror stainless steel; and brushed steel plates.
Several materials have advantages and disadvantages, such as the use of high-quality A3 steel spray, there will be people say no atmosphere, not grade, not high-end. But its advantages and this can also be said to be complementary. You can choose the color that matches the laboratory, and integrate it with the laboratory. Think about the integration of one device and the laboratory. The overall look should be more obvious. Grades, and if scratched, it is best to make up for it. It can be said that it can stand the test of time and endure the test.
The use of mirror stainless steel high and low temperature test chambers does have some odds in appearance, but if the equipment is bruised or scratched, it is the most difficult to remedy. If there are more such wounds, the machine will drop the price, regardless of It is not good to see anywhere, and the light in the laboratory is strong, it is easy to reflect, hurt the eyes, and long-term exposure is likely to cause fire, resulting in adverse consequences.
The high-low temperature test chamber of the brushed steel plate is indeed full of high-end atmosphere in appearance, but it is often such a high-end atmosphere that can't stand the test and can't stand the ruin of time. It is not easy to clean after staining. It is also difficult to remedy if it is bruised or scratched, and the price of such equipment is directly proportional to the aesthetic level.
Through several comparative analysis, I believe you have an understanding of the material of the high and low temperature test chamber.

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